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Top 10 surprises from the final season that surprised many fans of the show

Lucifer Season 6

The series has finally and irrevocably come to an end. The fans were able to guess some of the development of the storylines, but some of them surprised many… It is about such plot twists that we will talk in this article.

Warning: This article may contain serious spoilers about Lucifer Season 6.

The series began its journey on Fox, but after the 3rd season it was decided to close it and for a long time “Lucifer” was in limbo until the rights to it were acquired by Netflix. The streaming service “breathed life” into the series, extending it for another 3 seasons. Some fans were unhappy with the Netflix adaptation due to the transformation of some characters and the imposition of certain views, but most were happy to continue the story of their favorite characters.

The appearance of the daughter of Lucifer and Chloe

The appearance of the daughter of Lucifer and Chloe

Throughout his stay in Los Angeles, Lucifer did not even try to hide his dislike of children, and only Trixie was able to “melt” his heart a little. What was the surprise of the audience and of Lucifer himself when it turned out that the eccentric girl, who first flashed in the trailer for the 6th season and was going to kill the “King of Hell” turned out to be his daughter

And even more surprising was the fact that she was a joint child with Chloe. Although, as it turned out later, Rory took the best from her parents, being their perfect combination.

Return of Adam

Return of Adam

Lucifer brought so many characters from the Bible to the show, including Cain, Abel, Eve, and even God. Logically speaking, the appearance of the first man on Earth makes sense, so that show the world’s first family from all sides, but fans did not expect to see Adam in such a role: a self-confident dork who decided that Eve would throw herself into his arms immediately upon meeting.

Even by his example, we were shown how a person can change for the better, abandoning his selfishness and accepting the desires of others. Dr. Linda Martin has once again proved herself in the best possible way.

Ella still finds love

Ella finds love

While this was a positive surprise, fans weren’t sure if this would happen until after the series ended. Ella had bad luck with men, and she was constantly attracted to bad guys… Even when she tried to change her lifestyle and chose the “nice guy”, he turned out to be a serial killer.

However, Dan was able to help her by trying to introduce Ella to his old friend Carol. He really turned out to be a really good guywho can take care of Ella. At the end of the series, the couple seemed happy, much to the delight of the fans.

Dan returned to Earth as a ghost

Dan returned to Earth as a ghost

Many were saddened and already thought that Dan would be permanently removed from the series, but that was not the case. His death greatly shocked not only Trixie and Chloe, but also Lucifer himself, who just did his righteous revenge.

Dan’s return as a ghost added a bit of humor to the show, and yet had an important connotation: how can a person go through Hell and get to Paradise, figure out what is really important to do during life, so that you do not have to regret it later.

Charlie gained wings

Charlie gained wings

When Linda first discovered she was pregnant, she was terrified and confused. Worried about what a child might look like since he was half angel, she proceeded to protect the entire house to keep the baby safe, including wrapping the ceiling fan and other high-up objects in bubble wrap.

However, in a fast forward at the end of the season, Linda and Amenadiel celebrate their birthday with Charlie, and another unexpected plot twist occurs. Everyone has already come to terms that the child will be an ordinary person (of course, except for Amenadiel), but when Charlie blows out the candles, wings grow from his back. Separately, it is worth noting at this moment Linda’s surprise and the joy of the new God.

Lucifer is the Devil again

Lucifer is the Devil again

Some fans expressed dissatisfaction that Lucifer, along with his devilish appearance, had lost his characteristic “tricks” that made him so charismatic. And at that moment, while everyone was waiting for Lucifer to become God, he “turned on the back” and regained the title of King of Hell

True, it is worth noting that he returned there in a new role and with completely different goals. Instead of torturing sinners he is now trying to help them cope with their own guiltso that they can “ascend” to Paradise.

Chloe’s fate

Chloe's fate

While some fan theories about Lucifer on Reddit predicted that Chloe would die and go to Heaven, where she would spend a happy eternity with Lucifer, things turned out very differently.

History has managed to combine sweetness with sadnessby dividing Lucifer and Chloe by more than 30 years (by Earth standards) while she lived a fulfilling life as a single mother. After her death, presumably at the age of 60 or 70, Chloe returned to her young self and was sent to Hell by Amenadiel, at her request, to reunite with Lucifer.



Fans of the show have wondered from the start why Amenadiel didn’t take God’s place? He was the perfect candidate for this position: the eldest among the angels, had a strong moral understanding of right and wrong, sincerely wanted to help people and make this world a better place.

Amenadiel tried to change some of the foundations on Earth, becoming a policeman, but then still accepted the fact that his destiny was to become God.

The guilt that sent Dan to Hell

The guilt that sent Dan to Hell

When Chloe and the others discovered Dan was in hell and not in heaven, they couldn’t understand why. People go there because of their own guilt, so what was he to blame? Moreover, right before his death, Dan seemed to finally come to terms with everything and became better.

As it turned out, Dan still felt guilty about being a bad dad.… But when he took possession of the body of the criminal and managed to talk to Trixie under the guise of an old friend of his father, he finally heard the important words for him: Trixie idolized him, considered him a wonderful father and did not look down on him for his mistakes.

Lucifer left Chloe

Lucifer leaves Chloe

It seemed unheard of that Lucifer would ever leave Chloe, given how much he was attached to her and how he felt, especially after what they went through. Throughout the season, Lucifer tried to prove that he would never leave Chloe and his daughter. He was so convincing in this that not only Chloe believed him, but all the fans.

However, there was still a good reason to leave. Lucifer realized his true calling and had to follow it, sacrifice everything that is dear to his heart. Chloe understood and supported him, this is what made their love story ❤️ one of the best on television:

Chloe knew that she would have to live her entire life on Earth without him, no matter how long it lasted, but it was worth it, because then she would spend eternity with him.

Here is such a selection of plot twists of the series that surprised us the most. Write in the comments, what are your impressions of the final season, what did you like and what did not?

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