• February 22, 2024

Top 10 tanks for capturing the General on the Front Line

The best technique for getting high ranks quickly and easily. Upgradeable and premium.

Hello tankers! At the height of the second stage of the Front Line, and based on the first two stages for March and April, we can already draw up an approximate rating of the vehicles on which players most often take the rank of General. Since not all players donate or have a sufficient number of up-to-date premiums in the Garage, we have included pumped cars in the list.

By the way, on our website you can find a guide on how to take a General on the Front Line.

10th place

American ST T69 It showed itself very worthily due to its excellent mobility and a high viewing radius of 400 meters, which even many LT 8 cannot boast of. It is armed with a 4-round drum with fast CD inside and general reloading. The very low armor penetration is embarrassing, but there are plenty of cardboard equipment on the LF, so the target can always be found.

9th place

Soviet T-44 and aka T-44 LF. A universal CT with good weapons for this mode, and armor sometimes gives out ricochets. Excellent dynamics and maneuverability allow you to constantly be in the heat of battle, to knock down a capture or, on the contrary, to take part in it.

8th place

Universal Soviet LT-432. He quickly cuts across the map, unlike his classmates, he sometimes catches ricochets, he can even tank with a tower. The gun is not the most penetrating, but fast-firing and at the same time very comfortable to use.

7th place

French LT Bat.-Châtillon 12 t with a low silhouette, excellent stealth and good dynamics. It can not only shine, but also sell the enemy from the drum for 680 damage with a fast reload between shots.

6th place

The P.44 Pantera is a pumpable Italian CT with a drum recharge mechanism. With good dynamics, he does not lag behind his comrades, there is always an enemy in the field of view and woe to him if he substitutes himself under the barrel of this tank. The cannon with excellent accuracy and armor penetration allows you to confidently fill in damage.

5th place

The French premier LT ELC EVEN 90 has a very low silhouette and a high stealth ratio, which together give it an excellent camouflage. On the LF, it is played with optics and a stereo tube to effectively give active and passive light. Due to its small size, it was perfect for capturing points or blocking. Sometimes, at the very first point, she manages to take the sergeant during the capture, and in the protection of the captain and even the major.

4th place

The pumpable wheeled Frenchman Panhard AML Lynx 6 × 6 takes on its high speed, and its small vision is enough to highlight nearby enemies at capture points. When there is more room for maneuvers, it freely cuts across the map, noticeably throws it with a cardboard technique (penetration by a land mine 90 mm) + comfortable UVN + good stabilization of the weapon.

3rd place

Another “Italian”, but already premium CT Progetto M35 mod 46. Like the pumped one, he first of all gains his points on the LF by causing damage. The recharging mechanism allows you to play as a cyclic tank, and, if necessary, can discharge the entire magazine at once, and in this mode there are plenty of careless players.

That is why players with this machine are more likely to take high ranks than ordinary drum tank owners. For example, the same Lorraine 40t is less efficient due to the long total recharge time.

The weapon is comfortable in all respects, excellent visibility and good mobility. But there is no armor at all, so it becomes an easy target when exposed to light.

2nd place

But the French marathon CT Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque, as statistics show, is present at the general’s peak in most cases. Although he has a drum, but only for 2 shells with a large alpha and fast reloading. Armor penetration is not enough, but as already mentioned, there is a lot of subtle technology in this mode. Excellent speed (really hurricane) and superior camouflage also play a key role.

1st place

Here you will not surprise anyone, for the second year in a row the most desirable and flexible in this mode is the French wheeled LT Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10). Elusive and dangerous, because it is quite difficult to target him, while his weapon strikes almost without misses. It can even spin other LTs, not to mention the rest. Shines, captures or breaks into the enemy’s rear in order to quietly inflict damage on gun turrets. In general, this one dominates the mode, which is why on the last Black Market, players did not spare gold to buy it at auction.


As you can see, the rating includes mainly mobile vehicles with good visibility and decent firepower. But this does not mean that the rest of the tanks are not suitable, it is just that they are a little more difficult and more dependent on the circumstances.

Slower heavy tanks are effective only on the last line of defense, when at all costs it is necessary to hold positions or push through the defense.

Therefore, we have compiled a list the best tanks of different classesthat will fit well on the Front Lines:

Pumped technique

Premium technology

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