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TOP 10 video game heroes who became villains

Interesting characters that change throughout the game deserve a special mention. Especially if at first they were goodies, and then they became antagonists.

TOP 10 heroes who became villains

History of video games rich in colorful and varied villains, be it the charismatic Joker from the Batman Arkham series or the chilling Alma from FEAR Among them there are those who were not on the evil side at the beginning of the story, but switched to the dark side only with time, or were always on it, but the player ob I didn’t know that.

Regardless of how exactly the characters became negative heroes, it is easy to single out the most memorable among them.

10th Place: Wheatley – Portal 2

Wheatley - Portal 2

In the first part of Portal, Chell was accompanied only by the voice of the artificial intelligence GLaDOS, and in the sequel, the friendly Wheatley module was added. It travels most of the game with the gamerhelping to pass the tests and traps of the reborn GLaDOS. Together, they take over the Aperture Science labs, which Wheatley eventually takes over.

It would seem that all the problems have been solved? No matter how it is! As soon as the Intellect Mitigation Module takes control, it turns into insane and evil AI, who is trying to destroy Chell.

9th Place: Solas – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Solas - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Almost throughout Dragon Age: Inquisition Solas is a loyal ally to the protagonist. Moreover, he can not only be a party member of the Inquisitor, but also the love interest of a character (female).

At the end of the game, it turns out that Solas is Fen’Harel, the elven god of deception and betrayal, who is guilty of the Breaking of the Veil. Solas’s villainous intentions are finally confirmed in the Outsider expansion, where he speaks openly about his intentions get rid of the Veil, thus destroying all life in Thedas.

Among Dragon Age: Inquisition fans, there are those who still believe in Solas, hoping to change his mind. Given the disappearance of the elves after the events in the DLC “Outsider”, this is hardly possible.

8th Place: Alex Mercer – Prototype Series

Alex Mercer - Prototype Series

The Prototype games are not famous for their good plot or deep history, but the protagonist is well revealed in them. In the first part, it is already clear that Alex Mercer is far from a positive representation of the protagonist, especially when he acts cruel and heartless. For example, he releases deadly virus into Manhattan… In fairness, it should be noted that then he saves the population of the city from a nuclear explosion

In the sequel, Alex takes on the role of the main antagonist, showing his hatred of the human race.

7th Place: Sarah Kerrigan – Starcraft Series

Sarah Kerrigan - Starcraft series

Perhaps the story of Sarah Kerrigan most tragic in the entire Starcraft series… During the mission, she was surrounded by zerg, and the head of operation Arcturus Mengsk decided to retreat, leaving Sarah to be torn apart.

As a result, Kerrigan, thanks to her powerful psionic abilities became the Queen of Blades, subjugating the zerg to their will. With new strength, she began to take out all the accumulated anger on the offenders from the past, and also to capture more and more planets by the Swarm. Towards the end of the trilogy’s story, Sarah teams up with Jim and Artanis to finally destroy Amun.

6th Place: Arthas Menethil – Warcraft Series

Arthas Menethil - Warcraft series

Arthas Menethil was never a friendly person, but he was driven by extremely noble goals. The main one is saving your own people from the undead. Unfortunately, it was the undead that led to the fall of Arthas… He was so desperate to save his own subjects that he decided to take a dubious step to use cursed blade Frostmourne, who turned the once noble knight into a terrible creature.

It was Frostmourne who helped the Lich King enslave Arthas’ soul. He soon merged with the evil king and became one of the most powerful creatures in Azeroth. At least until Uther threw the spirit of the former knight into the Womb – a kingdom of eternal torment ..

5th place: Liu Kang – Mortal Kombat X

Liu Kang - Mortal Kombat X

Although there are many main characters in Mortal Kombat, the main one is Liu Kang… Almost always, he takes the side of good and fights for the Earthly Realm in a deadly battle.

However, Liu Kang has not always been a positive character. Ninja killed during the events of Mortal Kombat X returns from the deadwhile serving the evil sorcerer Quan Chi. Together with Kitana, he becomes the leader of the army of the Underworld.

Thanks to the time travels, Liu Kang returns as a positive character in Mortal Kombat 11. The clone, having suffered defeat in the previous part, goes into oblivion.

4th Place: Superman – Injustice Series

Superman - Injustice Series

The surprisingly interesting storyline of the Injustice games is one of the reasons why the title is considered the best among superheroes. In the first part, the cunning Joker tricks Superman kill his beloved represented by Lois Lane, and destroy Metropolis.

This development of events makes Superman an incredibly dangerous tyrant who intends destroy all who disobey new morals of the former hero. No one is capable of confronting a powerful character. Even other superhero friends are forced to serve for fear of being killed. The only one who is able to put up even a little resistance is the adamant Batman.

3rd Place: Big Boss – Metal Gear Series

Big Boss - Metal Gear Series

The story of Big Boss in the Metal Gear series is told in a rather unusual way, as it is told in reverse order. In the first two parts, he is a villain who intends plunge the whole world into warby making all the soldiers. Maybe some antagonists are even worse, but that doesn’t make Big Boss a positive character.

But in the later parts of the series, the hero manifests himself in a completely different way, saving the world several times… That only is the victory over Evgeny Volgin and the stop of the Peace Walker project.

2nd Place: Vito Scaletta – Mafia III

Vito Scaletta - Mafia III

The main character of the second part of Mafia has seriously changed, appearing in the sequel as an exile, who is happy to work for the new protagonist – Lincoln Clay. This makes him grumpy and attempted takeover an even more heinous act. It’s hard to imagine that this man was once the just and principled hero of Mafia II.

Vito’s story ends logically: for betrayal and attempted coup of Lincoln gives it to feed crocodiles… Perhaps one of the strongest falls of a positive character in games.

1st Place: Ghost – Mass Effect Series

Ghost - Mass Effect Series

If you think about it, it was thanks to the Ghost that the universe was saved by Shepard, because if it were not for the leader of “Cerberus”, the protagonist of the trilogy would have died at the beginning of the second part. The ghost saved the main character, provided him with a new ship and crew, and also gave him a noble goal.

It would seem that his motives are aimed at saving humanity, but the leader of “Cerberus” has gone too far. Eventually The ghost became one of the central antagonists of the series.second only to the Reapers. Instead of helping Shepard in the final part of the trilogy, he pursues his goals, achieving nothing and only interfering with the savior of the universe.

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