• May 22, 2024

Top 10 worst tanks in 2021

Absolutely useless and unnecessary tanks that will be just a waste of time, and playing them will be extremely disappointing.

top 10 worst tanks in WoT

Greetings tankers! With you Wotpack and today we offer to speculate on one of the topical topics in World of Tanks – relevance of technology… Some of the cars are simply outdated and do not fit into the framework of modern randomness with its turbachi, charioteers and three self-propelled guns in battle… But the game somehow needs to be developed, so you have to introduce a new technique, which in most cases did not advance beyond the drawing or layout in its time, therefore it turns out to be awkward in the game (and sometimes unjustifiably imbalanced, but this is a completely different story).

So let’s talk about machines that better skip and not deflate now… Perhaps the rating will be a little subjective, but I will try to explain why this tank was included in this list. Rankings are based on ratio Expectation / reality – how disappointing the top branch is after leveling up.

Sound controversy is encouraged, so write your comments later with what you agree with, and who would be replaced.

10th place

Light tank from Germany – Rheinmetall Panzerwagen… In terms of performance characteristics, it is almost a complete copy of the American Sheridan, but weaker in almost all generalized indicators. The key difference is one-time damage, which the “German” has less by 70 units, which, when transferred to the PDM, is already a difference of about 500 units.Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

Moreover, at Rhm. pzw. utterly no armor, bad stabilization and he’s on many cards unable to compete in light exposure British, Soviet and French LT.

Here the developers cheated when they were too lazy to come up with something new and made it a pitiful resemblance to the XM551 Sheridan.

9th place

Swedish tank destroyer Strv 103B has a unique gameplay with hydropneumatic suspension mechanics. The main problem with this thread is narrow specialization… While playing on it, you cannot rush, help allies in the assault or save tanks with a shell or two.Strv 103B

If the opponents press your flank, you shoot the damage. If the turbach and your allies have pushed the direction, then you will be left without damage

Separately, it should be noted that in fact there are not so many cards in the game where she can reveal her potential to the maximum.

8th place

German heavy tank, a branch of which has long lost all meaning for pumping – Pz.Kpfw. Vii. “Alfatapok” is simply the best of the worst TT at level 8, “Nine” is also difficult to level up, here, while pumping out level 10, you will go through all the circles of hell. The top of the branch is clumsy and does not tank well because of the weak gun mantlet, it has a rear turret position, it will not be able to play “from the side” because of the protruding “cylinders”.Pz.Kpfw.  Vii

For that matter, the E-100 branch is much more pleasant to level up, and for performing LBZ on TT Maus it will be much more effective.

Downloading this branch now is simply an irrational waste of time and resources.

7th place

Chinese branch of tank destroyers led by WZ-113G FT… This is the case when the branch ended before it even started… It was introduced specifically for the Asian region (everyone there loves Chinese technology, like our Soviet one).WZ-113G FT

She has a good disguise, but you can’t stand in the bushes too much because of low precision… Mobility allows you to play actively, but at close range it affects mediocre booking of sides and cheekbones, too easily breaks into the frontal projection.

The game will not bring much pleasure and it is better not to start downloading it. Among the Chinese tank destroyers, only the WZ-120-1G FT is a good vehicle.

6th place

Soviet medium tank K-91, which has a cool cannon and a cart of flaws that make it unplayable in the current random. Implementation of the tool is difficult due to low silhouette and hthe bottom of the tower, but there is no armor in the case (and it burns often). therefore to shoot – you need to roll out, and also try to take a normal position, because the UVN is not there either. And now, finally, you have substituted the body for everyone, but you still need to reduce it, since just forget about stabilizationK-91 WoT

In some situations, you you can shoot a lot of damage “on a rat” in the bushes, but this gameplay is exclusively tank destroyer, not ST. Unleashing the full potential of the car is difficult, and the game is not very enjoyable. This is the case when have to fight the tankto overcome his shortcomings.

5th place

The long-suffering Japanese heavy hitter Type 5 Heavy, which Apali, nerfed, will now apat again, but this will not help him in any way. This tank is a hefty colossus with disgusting mobilitywhich constantly focuses artand a low-silhouette technique can just wipe up and you don’t do anything to it. The booking is as it were, therefore they often immediately charge gold against him and all armor fades away. In the era of turbochargers, it is boring to play on it and it can be problematic to get a lot of damage (it depends on the map).Type 5 Heavy

He has very little armor penetration on BBs (even on gold ones), and after rebalancing high-explosive shells on his already nerfed gun, the use of land mines will be unprofitable.

Mouse has more ultimatum armor, it is much better suited for passing LBZ, if you really want a super-powerful heavy.

4th place

Chinese LT WZ-132-1, when looking at which only one question arises – why is he in the game at all? We wanted to make something interesting from Sheridan and T-100 LT, but it turned out to be a piece of non-playable iron.WZ-132-1

Not only is he in all main indicators loses to classmates and has no competitive advantage when exposed, so it also has poor stabilization, a long reloading time, and the gun does not go down at all, and how it burns (and its owners as well). He is deservedly the worst LT-10, there are no options here.

3rd place

One-time damage 1050 units and most high armor penetration on gold 420 mm – they bribe like a spectacular girl who, by nature, turns out to be that bitch and you will have incredible bombing from her. German tank destroyer Jagdpanzer E 100 with a recharge of more than 20 seconds.Jagdpanzer E 100

Large dimensions and vulnerable corps constitute the main problem of the implementation of the weapon – to leave and fire. Get ready for the fact that you will be goped, and after the shot, they will immediately boldly go to rush to go into the stern. She also easily breaks into the wheelhouse with goldwhich negates the supposedly cool booking.

No mobility under 3 arts, wheels that shine on you before you had time to decide where to go and, of course, turbachi, when in most cases you will not have time to shoot damage. Because of these shortcomings, the chair and the nervous system will burn with a bright flame under you.

2nd place

How to make a “ten” worse than a “nine”? It’s easy for developers. Add ST-I second gun and call it ST-II.


Against the background of his classmates, he loses in all key parameters:

  1. Mediocre booking with vulnerable areas in the frontal projection and a bulging kombuchenka, therefore, even hiding the body and playing from the UVN, they can easily stick it there.
  2. Weak firepower.
  3. No mobility.

This is the case when the “ten” came out much worse than their predecessors. That there is only a special projectile – a cumulative with a low breakdown (at levels 8 and 9 a sabot). Very much felt low turret traverse speed, sometimes ST-II simply does not have time to transfer to the enemy, and even some heavy weights can turn him around. Therefore, often shoot “doublet” can only if you wait for the enemy in advance or at stationary targets.

1st place

Popularized 💩 in a beautiful wrapper. The developers effectively announced and talked about it, specially put them into New Year’s boxes under this branch and made a new mechanic of the modified recharging – the Italian TT Rinoceronte.


  1. Mechanics are simply useless, at best, it will be useful 1-2 times for the whole fight.
  2. Itself recharge is wildly long – you will reload the drum for more than 50 seconds, while the CD between shots is 4 seconds.
  3. Gold shells – low breakdown cumulants, therefore, taking into account his CD, it is very difficult to implement DPM in conditions of randomness and turbo-battles – he just recharges most of the battle. But that’s not all, their flight speed is 756 m / s, it is almost impossible to get ahead of fast opponents even at an average distance.
  4. Small margin of safety, but booking one of the worst among the TT-10, even the previous ST-II is better protected. Rinoceronte is punched into the hull, into the tower, and anywhere.
  5. At the same time, he is the most that neither is Crete collector, you can’t do without a large first-aid kit and straps, otherwise you will reload even longer (the gunner and commander play the role of a loader). Well, do not forget about the stun from the art, which also increases the recharge, and the splash does normal damage to him.
If you wait every time the drum is fully charged, then you can stay without damage. Therefore, they often play from the last projectile, which takes 19.6 seconds to reload. Just think about it at this time, the same T57 Heavy reloads an entire drum for 4 shells in 24 seconds.

At the moment it is absolutely unplayable car in the current random… Rinoceronte is unable to take out the battle on itself, it can shoot damage only in protracted fights and if allies will tank / shine, which is now extremely rare in Random Battles.

This is the rating, but a few more cars could be added here. Write in the comments who would be replaced, or vice versa, which of the tanks should have been included here in your opinion.

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