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TOP 15 best missions in GTA V

In the fifth part of the series of games about car thieves during the passage, many interesting tasks are presented. Some of them are incredibly realistic, some are especially spectacular. Challenge each one to truly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the franchise.

A selection of missions

It is believed that the storyline of GTA 5 – one of the best throughout the series. While many players appreciate the online mode, the single player campaign is worth giving credit to. All missions are thought out in detail by the developers: from ordinary street skirmishes to aircraft control and showdowns with the FBI.

Here’s what Alan Scott thinks about the plot:

The biggest success of the entire GTA franchise lies in the appearance in the 5th part of several storylines. Since the passage for 3 characters is implemented in GrandTheftAuto V, the player has a much more unique gameplay experience. As the heroes meet, the plot merges. Such a scenario has not been in any previous game franchises. Therefore: let’s not rush into GTA VI, but fully enjoy the exploration of the game world in the 5th part.

In this article, we have collected the most interesting missions found in GTA V.

Deteriorating relationship with Franklin (“Complications”)

Michael and Franklin's awkward meeting

There are a large number of Franklin-related missions in the game. This character works as a collector for Simon Etaryan. The latter is engaged in the resale of cars at high interest rates. However, he does not always receive money for his trades, so often hires Franklin to solve his own problems.

In this mission, the player needs to get into one of the houses and steal a yellow SUV from there. After successful completion of the operation there is a funny moment. Michael wakes up in the back seat, pointing his pistol at Franklin. Acting as directed, the hijacker will return the SUV to its location. In the future, this will lead to a break in relations with Simon Etaryan.

Michael’s Wife Infidelity (“Wedding Counseling”)

Michael's wife cheating (

Fun mission. It begins with the fact that Michael catches his wife with a tennis coach. The latter manages to escape, but the groom himself and his friend Franklin rush in pursuit of him. They manage to catch up with the coach at the luxurious mansion. Wanting to take revenge, the friends destroy the house. But here a funny moment happens – it turns out that the house does not belong at all coach, and is the property of Natalia Zverovna (beloved woman of Martin Madrazo). Then it all ends with a showdown with the people of Madrazo and personally with their boss.

Fascinating flight on the maize (“Turbulence”)

Trevor prepares to make a dangerous maneuver

There are many aircraft-related missions in GTA V. Perhaps the most memorable of them is Turbulence. The player will have to steal an entire cargo plane. In this case, you will have to use an ordinary corn plant. When approaching the target, a colorful scene awaits the player, in which he flies in his “baby” directly into the cargo compartment of the aircraft. There will already be a paramilitary guard waiting there.

After all the shootings, Trevor will need eliminate the pilot and hijack the plane. Of course, the task ends unfavorably for the main character, but the player will still appreciate the entire gameplay of the mission.

Chasing the O’Neill Brothers (“Ice Maze”)

Tough guys don't look at the explosion!  (c) Trevor

Trevor is more impulsive than the other protagonists in the game. It is because of his character that special situations arise during the game. Having lost his business, Trevor decides to take revenge on the culprits (the O’Neill brothers). For this, the protagonist seeks destroy their “farm”.

There is a graceful moment in the assignment. He then makes the mission exciting. After the shootout, the player has the opportunity to set fire to the house! And also pretentious (like in Hollywood films) to go into the sunset.

Fake cops (“I fought the law …”)

Fake cops

The mission is best completed as Franklin. Because you have a lot of time have to drive a car… One of the antagonists (Devin Weston) invites the heroes to participate in a race to take away their sports cars from two majors. But this can only be done by trick, when Trevor and Michael confiscate the cars of wealthy owners.

The funniest thing is Franklin’s disguised friends. Playing as Trevor or Michael, you will need to stop the racing sports cars. The mission is thought out and developed from all sides. Therefore, there is an opportunity to enjoy the situation from different angles.

Assignment from Madrazo (“Caida libre”)

Airplane chase

One of the few tasks from this mafia. The whole point is to eliminate his cousin (Javier). Also the main goal is get documents from a relative, which prove the guilt of Martin Madrazo for the crimes committed.

Players have to shoot down a plane for Michael. For this you will need get hit with a sniper rifle directly into the engine. Next, Trevor drives up to the wreckage and picks up the necessary documents. By the way, there is a very interesting moment in the mission. If you jump for Michael on Trevor’s pickup, then the last will begin to be rude, insult his partner. Moreover, Trevor usually refers to pedestrians with the same obscene words when driving a car.

Collaboration (“Three is a company”)

The first joint work of future friends

The first task that the main characters carry out together. The player will have to steal Ferdinand Kerimov, a man who died according to official information. However, it turned out that he was alive. He is interrogated by the LRC.

The mission really deserves attention. Because it can be completed as three different characters… Each protagonist in the game will have their own task. Trevor controls the helicopter, Michael goes downstairs, and Franklin controls the situation with his sniper rifle. Therefore, players are advised to complete the task 3 times in order to feel the different gameplay and original mechanics in the game.

Escape from the Feds (“The End”)

Betrayal and ambush

A mission in which the FIB fights Michael and Trevor. Moreover, the heroes find themselves in a dangerous situation. almost by accident… During an important conversation, Haynes and Sanchez suddenly appear. And the last one is solvedt hand over everyone to the authoritiesso he brought the feds along with him.

The quest can also be completed for both characters. Everyone will have a little its own storyline. Trevor will be busy with a special services helicopter, while Michael will have to break through the encirclement to the parking lot to take the car.

Large Scale Shootout (“Blitz Game”)

Trevor, Michael and Franklin prepare to rob the cashier

The aim of the main characters will be a cash-in-transit vehicle. The plot of the task begins with a garbage truck, with the help of which an ambush is arranged. Having blown up the back door of the cash-in-transit vehicle with explosives, friends allow the security alarm to be triggered. Immediately, special forces begin to pull up to the location of the characters. Therefore, the main characters have to long firefight with many victims. After destroying opponents and an unnecessary car, gangsters leave the scene of the crime.

Ballas Lumber Mill (Lamar in Trouble)

Protagonists of GTA 5

Lamar Davis is a devoted friend for the protagonists of GTA V. Therefore, when he was captured by the Ballas, the main characters, without hesitation, decide to save him. All team members split up and each attack the black gang’s sawmill from their side.

It is advisable to play the mission for each character.

Exactly this elaborated in terms of location and intricacies of the game, a task that is not related to robberies.

Smoke Screen (“Jewel Robbery”)

Robbery of a jewelry store

One of the most outstanding robberies. There is an opportunity to pass it in 2 versions: silent and loud. With a loud version, the main characters climb into the store and take hostages while one of the characters is cleaning the jewelry. Silent assumes the use of a sleeping gas. Heroes will disguise themselves as workers fumigation company, so no additional suspicions will arise.

The main thing is to be in time before the arrival of the police. The rest is easy with a silent plan.

This robbery was analyzed in detail by a real criminal, analyzing which elements in it are realistic and which are not. We recommend that you read his review with us.

As firefighters (“Bureau Raid”)

Penetration into a burning FRB building

Steve Haynes asks for the main characters steal any documents proving his guilt from the FRB building. The mission can be completed in two ways. The first is an ordinary hack. The heroes have to land on the roof of the building and cut out their entrance with a glass cutter. Then you just need to pick up the documents, I shoot back at the feds.

Second variant of the passage more interesting… Michael and Franklin can dress up as firemen. To do this, you need to call the appropriate service and call the car. Done! This fire engine will be used to evacuate the burning building. Explosive devices will be triggered in advance, since Michael will already install them, disguising himself as a janitor. Further, he will change into a firefighter and steal documents.

There are only 2 protagonists in the mission. All because of Trevor’s resentment against Michael. Therefore, the rest of the main characters have to cope on their own.

Army and Police Against Robbers (“The Paleto Robbery”)

Friends in Heavy Armor

A task where three friends will have to fight not only the police, but also the whole army. We’ll even have to fight against a tank! The mission consists entirely of active skirmishes, so you will definitely not be bored. Trevor, Michael and Franklin deliberately find heavy armor. This helps the heroes to shoot back from many opponents.

The mission has five parts.

This is a very difficult but very exciting task. The player even has the ability to drive a bulldozer, shooting down enemy jeeps. Plus, constant skirmishes only add a certain “zest” to the task, since you won’t be able to take a break during them.

Robbery of the Federal Vault (“Big Jackpot”)

Vault Mission

Friends are about to carry out another robbery! There are also 2 options for passing. You can go through the mission quietly, or you can arrange another mess with the feds. However, it is worth noting that you will have to shoot in both versions of this mission.

The only significant difference is the helicopters that chase the main characters. In the first option, the accomplices will not be able to face him directly. In the second, the characters are attacked three helicopters at once “Merriouser”. Lester will have to shoot them all down.

Fair Decision (“The Final Spurt”)

Friends complete their final revenge

Devin invites Franklin to eliminate Michael. This mission defines the ending of GTA V. Before that, Steve Haynes ordered Franklin to deal with Trevor. Therefore, the player will have the opportunity to make a serious decision. If the option “Save both” is selected, then the mission “The last dash” begins. It is believed that this is the most original and correct ending of the game.

If Franklin still decides not to remove his accomplices, then the following happens. Friends with Lester come up with an ingenious plan to eliminate all their enemies who poisoned the lives of the heroes throughout the game. Their victims will be: Steve Haynes, Wei Cheng, Stretch and, of course, billionaire Devin Wenston. Each has to be removed separately. After this mission, the inscription about the successful completion of the task no longer appears, but credits start immediately.

“The last spurt” – really good choice to complete the main game of the decade!

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