• December 1, 2023

Top 15 best racing games on Android

Racing games are the favorite in popularity, absolutely not inferior to shooters or arcades. They were among the first applications to use the accelerometer as a vehicle control tool. There is a lot of competition in this genre, but most of the products stand still, which is why they are of the same type. There are those that have been able to go further and offer better mechanics, graphics, or more content. Further we will focus only on the most advanced races for Android.

Asphalt 9: Legends and Asphalt Xtreme

The latest racing game from Gameloft is the hottest part of the Asphalt franchise. She managed to combine beautiful graphics, proven race mechanics, intuitive controls and tons of content to unlock. This includes over 800 events, weekly and monthly events, and PvP battles. The player can open up to 50 different cars and a lot of tuning elements. True, the shareware app offers a lot of in-game items for real money, and quite aggressively. The rest are excellent races that are constantly being updated. You can also try Asphalt Xtreme – similar arcade races, but with the participation of off-road vehicles.

Download links for Asphalt 9: Legends and Asphalt Xtreme.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

The Beach Buggy Racing series strongly resembles projects like Mario Kart. Starring a kart racer with additional abilities to damage opponents and enhance your own characteristics. Everyone starts the race on various tracks with an abundance of obstacles that can change the alignment of the race at any time. The game consists of 45 cars, over 40 maps for races, supports cooperative and several other modes. It lacks some additional features like offline play and Google Play achievements. The developers from the Vector Unit studio have the listed features. Otherwise, it’s a great game.

Download link.

CSR Racing 2

This is one of the leaders in the genre of racing games, where you can buy dozens of interesting cars, car upgrades and take part in competitions between players. Inside you can find a good company, besides quite complex and long. There is not only cooperative, but also offline mode. Players especially love the graphics and the many collectible cars. The app is delivered on a freemium system, so in-app purchases are the norm.

Download link.

Dirt Trackin ‘2

This is a successful continuation of an entertaining series of racing games for Android mobile devices. Dirt Trackin ‘2 gives you access to 5 cool maps, a career mode, a level constructor and supports multiple control methods. Among other things, the application boasts convenient mechanics, several difficulty levels, and a multiplayer mode. Even if the quality of the graphics the game is inferior to its counterparts, but this is a proprietary feature of the series, which is compensated by the rest of the advantages. Moreover, there are no purchases and annoying advertisements inside.

Download link.

Grand Prix Story

Before us is a racing simulator from Kairosoft – developers who have managed to gain a positive reputation for creating unusual, but at the same time simple simulators with decent mechanics. The player becomes the boss of his team and gets the opportunity to train drivers, compete to attract sponsors and win races. The project is perfect for those who love the racing genre, but want a more remote approach to the passage. Those wishing to have the most realistic experience can be frustrated. Still, it’s not a bad game, with no place for shopping and advertising.

Download link.

GRID Autosport

Many are already familiar with the computer version of the GRID game. As in the case of the PC analog, the mobile application has managed to become one of the best in the racing genre. The game is ready to give access to 100 cars and 100 racing competitions. The orientation of the application is more of a single company, the difficulty levels of which can be customized. Inside there is an abundance of race modes and nice bonuses, such as support for a hardware controller. GRID Autosport has become one of the easiest ranking choices, as these are the most content-filled races. In fact, this is the same computer game with all the DLCs, only adapted for a smartphone.

Download link.

Hill climb racing 2

This is a brand new racing game for Android with simple controls and cool 2D graphics. The participant of the competition will have to conquer the most difficult hills and mountains in order to reach the finish line faster than others. It just sounds simple. Inside there is the possibility of improving your own transport to customize the behavior of the car in certain conditions. The game gives a good company, a cooperative mode, access to the discovery of achievements, daily goals and intra-level tasks. Another plus is that the application works great even on low-performance devices.

Download link.

Horizon chase

The project became the leader in the category of the best racing games of 2015. The updated Horizon Chase received a retro style and a lot of options for spending time: from participating in competitions on dozens of tracks to opening a huge number of cars. A unique feature of the game is that it is fully supported by Android TV and NVIDIA Shield TV. The pluses include the multiplayer mode and leaderboard rating. The game continues to evolve and acquire new events.

Download link.

Mario kart tour

For a short time, Mario Kart Tour held the record for the most successful mobile game launch in history. True, a few weeks later he was beaten by Call of Duty: Mobile. Probably the main merit of the developers is the complete reincarnation of the console game, allowing you to feel nostalgic for the times of PS1. Players can unlock different racers from the Mushroom Kingdom, take part in competitions on different maps, and compete in multiple race modes. So far, only the offline version is available, but the developers promise to make a co-op mode already in 2020. This is a delightful arcade racer that should have slightly lightened the microtransaction system.

Download link.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

The brand new smartphone race is technically a simulator with some racing mechanics. The hero is a member of a racing team who can hire more employees, expand the influence of his own business, improve cars and compete in regular races and events. The surprisingly extensive game requires the rider to plan pit stops, train drivers, and so on. But graphics have to be sacrificed, it is significantly inferior to GRID Autosport and the like. Minor balancing issues shouldn’t spoil the overall impression of the project.

Download link.

Nitro Nation Drag & Drift

One of the latest racing games in the Nitro Nation series is gaining a leading position in most ratings, and it took its rightful place here. The developer offers a free application without any restrictions and waiting times that make casual players so sad. Inside, you will have to unlock unique cars, there is a choice among multiplayer modes, you can install tons of car upgrades and tune the vehicles at your discretion.

Download link

Real drift car racing

All attention in the project is paid to drifting, although the element of competition and high-speed fights between rivals is also preserved. Players can set the skill levels of opponents, adjusting them to the desired difficulty of the competition. There are other familiar features as well, like vehicle unlocking, company mode and control settings. It is distributed in both free and paid versions. The premium version has no ads and includes bonus content.

Download link.

Real Racing 3

In terms of realism, racing competition is the most realistic game ever that lives up to its name. Most readers consider her to be the favorite in the rankings. The application contains a lot of content, including over 100 cars of all popular manufacturers, a choice of several game modes (including multiplayer) and racing tracks. By the way, maps are digital analogs of real-life tracks. Inside there are as many as 2000 events with changing rules and types of races. But the game is quite old, so someone might want something newer.

Download link.

Riptide GP Series

The entire Riptide GP series features high travel speeds. Competitions always take place on jet skis. Part of Renegade includes an advanced campaign, co-op mode and tons of fun little things. There is even a local multiplayer mode that supports up to 4 users on a single device (assuming you have enough controllers). The first part and Riptide GP 2 are also worthy of the rating. Vector Unit is also producing other engaging racing games like Beach Buggy Blitz. Those who want to try an unconventional approach to racing on Android should try different projects of the developer.

Download link.

Top Speed ​​2

The next part of Top Speed ​​(which was downloaded over 10 million times) was also quite decent. There is an opportunity to unlock over 70 cars, as well as dive into incredibly detailed car tuning. Players love the abundance of single and multiplayer modes, as well as the class leaderboards. Quite high-quality and detailed graphics with intuitive controls will appeal to fans of the genre. There are other decent races in the T-Bull arsenal as well.

Download link.

What’s your favorite Android racing game and why? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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