• May 19, 2024

TOP 3 most fun WoT tanks🔝

Tanks that combine interesting gameplay and a fun bend. Three cars that allow you to relax in the current randomness.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack is with you today in our “Most fun” section of the top 3 tanks, which are created to get pleasant emotions from the game.

Let’s start with small levels. A German Tier 3 Light Tank must be present here unconditionally Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C – the king of explosions, capable of stuffing shells in a couple of seconds so that the enemy will not seem a little.

This German LT has high damage per minute due to a gun with a magazine for 40 shells, which, with targeted firing, allows the enemy to blow up the ammo rack or set it on fire. Even if it was not possible at the first attempt to properly implement the cassette, then a quick reload will allow you to return to battle as soon as possible.

Sometimes, with a successful combination of circumstances, you can destroy a single-tier tank and even some “fours” from one store.

This tank has two significant drawbacks:

  • this type of armament forces you to shoot exclusively at close range, and the tank has no armor;
  • low armor penetration with a basic projectile, and the use of gold ones can drive you into noticeable minuses after the battle.

However, getting down the list do not despair! Pz. The IC is one of the fastest tanks in the game, while it is compact and maneuverable, while its high visibility and good radio make it an effective scout.

We pass to the 6th level. Here the Soviet heavy tank dominates and destroys everything that moves. KV-2… It is the second most popular among single-tier vehicles; about 31 thousand battles are held on it every month.

The KV-2 thrills not only the technique of its level, but even some “eights”. Any owner of “Borshch” will shake his veins if he sees that the KV-2 with its 152 mm bomber is being brought down on him. It was for this weapon that he received in the game two nicknames that have already become legendary: “Log launcher” and “Shaitan pipe”

In the first case, the name stems from the type of shells that can inflict about 900 damage when punching, and the second is due to the Soviet “vertukhan”, because such a gun caliber makes it take a long time to reduce + it has poor accuracy, but sometimes it can hit target.

You can play it even only on land mines, which will provide stable damage and even some farming in battle. It is for its unique gameplay that the tank is loved by many players, and the developers, on the wave of its popularity, even released a premium version of the KV-2 (R) tank with exactly the same performance characteristics as the pumped one, but with a unique camouflage Valhallan Ragnarok

We rise now to the very top to level 10. The British tank destroyer FV4005 Stage II – the queen of one-shots – deserves attention here! After the nerf in patch 1.5, it became a little more difficult to implement the weapon, but she still remains a very dangerous opponent, a meeting with whom for weakly armored vehicles can end with a direct ticket to the Hangar.

The first thing you need to know about this tank destroyer is that it has an 183 mm cannon at its disposal, and the gold shells, contrary to the standards, have less penetration than the basic ones, but significantly exceed them in damage:

It is by charging the HESH land mine that you can destroy any “eight” and even some “nines” from one penetration, and for a single-tier vehicle, such damage will be less critical, but consider it “played enough” because it will remain shot.

Yes, and no one forbids the use of landmines, next year after the processing of shells, the HE will receive stable damage and for FV4005 it will be the greatest, you can read more here.

This was the first part of the most fun tanks in WoT! Leave comments, share your favorite tanks that you enjoy playing!

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