• March 4, 2024

Top 3 most imposing heavy tanks with 2.0 equipment

The biggest winners will be in randomness after the release of new equipment.

heavy tanks WoT

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and in this article we will end our acquaintance with equipment 2.0 with the second iteration of the test. We have already reviewed the most interesting options for tank destroyers, light and medium tanks, now it’s the turn of the heavy ones.

I do not diminish the merits of other heavy tanks, but this trio can sparkle with new colors. I did not take into account the technique for the global map, only pumped.

Current guide:

Third place

The British TT Super Conqueror is now one of the brightest representatives of its class. It has high firepower due to excellent gun stabilization, quick aiming, and rate of fire. Comfortable UHN in combination with a strong turret allows you to play confidently from the terrain.Super conqueror

But the tank has one problem, which is often annoying – high fire hazard and frequent criticality of ammo rack… This case can be slightly tweaked with the help of perks, but firefighting is rarely pumped earlier than at skill levels 6-7.

But a new module has appeared “Modified layout”, which will solve problems with fires and BC:modified layout

We’ll have to sacrifice a bit of a decrease in shooting comfort, but then the “Super Horse” will significantly increase vitality, which will allow you to fight longer and increase the chances of shooting more damage.new equipment for Super Conqueror

Second place

The German TT Maus is not a frequent visitor to the random now, although it is deflated by many players. In many ways, the reason for the reluctance to play this heavy is pretty commonplace – I don’t want to suffer under 3 SPGs + many people who like to shoot land mines… Such a situation in the random nullifies the main feature of this tank is bookingMaus

But with the updated “Anti-splinter lining” it will become much easier to survive under fugues and art if you put it in a profile slot and get the maximum bonus:


new equipment for MAUS

If you wish, you can increase the safety margin and the speed of the suspension repair, if the LBZ TT 15 is at stake.

First place

The Soviet TT IS-7 is now noticeably weaker than many new tanks, but it can be significantly transformed with new modules. In terms of performance characteristics, he has good dynamics, as for the heavy. At the same time, good stabilization of the gun and ricochet armor, and the tower is very strong.IS-7

Take profile slot for survivability “Modified layout”, since fires on Soviet tanks are frequent:modified layout

The rest of the slots can be equipped with standard modules for reload speed and dispersion reduction, and alternatively, instead of a stabilizer, take a module for mobility. With equipment 2.0 from IS-7 you can make a heavily armored ST, significantly improving the dynamics due to “Turbocharger”:

Then the performance characteristics will look like this:

If you were interested, take a look at the articles below on other classes.

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