• October 1, 2022

TOP 5 best cars in the game

To succeed in your specialties on this project, you definitely need to have a reliable and cool car that will help you hide from the cops. It also shows your status, which is just as important in this online car theft simulator.

A small selection of the best cars and motorcycles in GTA Online

The vehicle in GTA Online is more of a necessity than any kind of luxury. However, the game gives the ability to fill your fleet with hundreds of cars… Among them you can find both armored vehicles and stylish sports cars, so those who like to show off will find an outlet for themselves.

We have collected for you The 5 best vehicles in GTA Online. Of course, the selection is very subjective, but this does not negate the coolness of the presented cars.

5. Insurgent and Insurgent Pick-up

Armored handsome men

These cars are certain armored “tanks” in Game. Such powerful machines are not the most expensive, although they have reliable protection that saves from several missile strikes, so their cost is literally criminally low.

Great for beginners. Insurgent vehicles are highly bulletproof, so they simply have to participate in massive gunfights with many players. Of course this technique far from the fastest, but for most combat situations, it will come in handy.

The pickup version additionally has a machine gun – an excellent tool to captivate one of your friends with a useful business.

4. Stromberg

Stromberg - amphibious vehicle

It may sound funny, but The Stromberg is one of the best vehicles in the game. The amphibious vehicle is capable of moving both on land and under water. The main feature of the car is its missiles, and exactly their number… In conjunction with torpedoes, they form a powerful ammunition reserve, which is enough for a long time. Many players use Stromberg to counter the Oppressor Mk II, because the “amphibian” has more or less equal chances when fighting it.

The vehicle has a maximum ammunition capacity of 30 missiles and 60 torpedoes.

3. Deluxo

Back to the future with Deluxo

This car is a kind of reference to the DeLorean from the movie “Back to the Future”. Rockstar decided to add it back in the Doomsday Heist update. Deluxo – the only flying car in the game (not to be confused with other vehicles). Although many cars are much faster in speed, but thanks to the flight, the developers compensated for this shortcoming.

The missiles are not inferior in speed and maneuverability to the Oppressor Mk II. So Deluxo allows the player to also easy to complete missionswithout worrying about movement and ground enemies.

2. Mobile command post (Mobile Operations Center – MOS)

MOS - a whole armored headquarters

This is not quite a vehicle in the usual sense of the word. MOS is primarily a modular trailer. The key feature is his armor: withstands up to 10 rockets from the Bluzzard helicopter. Of the shortcomings, of course, large dimensions stand outthat significantly impede traffic on the roads.

When buying MOS, the player will be able to get access to the tasks of the Agent 14. They will be easy to complete as the Mobile Command Post has good speed, even though it is large.

1.Oppressor Mk II

Oppresor Mk II - the undisputed leader in the rating

The absolute winner of our selection. Favorite of most players adoring fast movement and dynamic gunfights. Many consider the Oppressor Mk II – invincible imboy

Represents Hover bike, in other words, a flying motorcycle. Hovers easily above ground and can move quickly above water. At first, the controls will seem a little awkward to you, but this is only temporary. In capable hands with all their weapons The Oppressor Mk II is a real godsend.

Has in its arsenal machine gun, missiles, missile defense (heat guns), dipole reflectors and a smoke screen. Therefore, in GTA Online, thanks to its weapons and mobility, the Oppressor Mk II deservedly takes first place.

If you’ve already picked a cool car, then we have tips and tricks for you on how to win races. Do not forget to read, to always come to the finish line first! Well, for fans of the series, we have interesting material about what a real criminal did not like in GTA 5.

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