• February 20, 2024

TOP 5 best GTA clones

The car thief series has become so popular that it has spawned many similar releases. Some of them were downright nightmarish, while others deservedly attracted public attention and also became cult in their own way. We are happy to introduce you to these games.

TOP 5 best GTA clones

The Grand Theft Auto series has become one of the most popular video games, thanks in part to the open-world concept that was still in its infancy at the time of the third installment. No wonder that many developers wanted to repeat the success of GTA, which gave birth to many clones. Some of them directly copied it, some were only inspired by the general atmosphere and interesting game elements. Today we are going to take a look at the five best ones.

The getaway

Inspired by gangster movies, this game has practically revolutionized the gaming industry. There were several reasons for this:

  • Trailer with live actors. Nowadays no one is surprised by the detailed graphics or the faces of famous actors on the screen, but in 2002 it sparked a genuine interest in the game.
  • Gradual loading of textures. The developers did a great job recreating London in great detail and they didn’t want to divide it up into download zones. Therefore, we had to completely rewrite the engine so that the textures and areas of the city are loaded as the player approaches them.
  • Minimalistic interface. There are no health indicators, no map, no ammo counter on the game screen. It was decided to abandon them in order to make the picture more cinematic.

As a result, the game about the London gangster turned out to be independent enough not to copy the GTA cleanly. At the same time, their concepts were similar, which attracted a large number of Rockstar fans.


This game is rightfully can be considered cult. The story of Tommy Angelo, a first-class driver who, by chance, becomes a member of the mafia group, is worked out to the smallest detail. In parallel with the fictional plot, real events that took place in America are unfolding: dry law, the Great Depression.

More than twenty different missions are presented in Mafia: from knocking out money from debtors to chasing and selling alcohol.

Hot controversy caused the exit remake in 2020. It was criticized for open-world flaws, chaotic and sluggish gunfights, mistakes that could be forgiven for a charming old game, but not for its modern reissue. However, most of the American gaming community is dissatisfied. And if the remake does not leave a good impression, you can always restart the original.

The Simpsons: Hit and Run

Seemingly, Springfield is not at all a place for robbery and racingfor which the GTA series is so famous. Surprisingly, these two universes are very organically connected in this game. While we may not see overt violence among cartoon characters, the impact GTA has had on the Simpsons game is obvious. It’s also difficult to call her a clone – it’s rather parody, very funny, thanks to the trademark humor of the Simpsons from the nineties.

It will appeal to those who stopped following the animated series shortly after the 2000s. Here comedians writing jokes have not yet written out and have not lost their grip.

Sleeping dogs

As Wei Shen, an undercover cop, we have to infiltrate a crime syndicate… You will have to engage in firefights, arrange chases and run away yourself, as well as participate in hand-to-hand combat. In your free time from the story campaign, you can take on additional tasks and study the criminal side of Hong Kong, closely associated with gangs and illegal battles.

A delicate balance must be struck: carry out the tasks of the mafia, earning their trust, do not fall into the clutches of the police yourself, survive in skirmishes with another mafia family and get enough information undercover.

Saints row

Both externally and in its mechanics, Saints Row is very similar to GTA. However, the content is strikingly different: Saints Row has a somewhat wacky sense of humor, which takes the player to an incredible level of absurdity. And mini-games and side quests (again, thanks to ridiculous jokes) look much more interesting than in GTA. In addition, many were attracted by the opportunity customize your character’s appearance – change body type, gender and hair color. And the variety of vehicles and weapons is simply amazing.

Even if it was initially perceived exclusively as a copy of a more successful series of games, now it is a separate universe with its fans. Who knows, maybe one day this game itself will spawn a certain number of its clones?

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