• May 23, 2022

TOP 5 best guns in Rainbow: Six Siege

Do you want to win more often and be the best in the team? Then it is worth considering carefully the choice of weapon. Rainbow: Six Siege is one of the best modern shooters, providing players with a wide range of firearms to choose from. However, even among the most popular models, there will be five that deserve special attention.

TOP 5 best guns in Rainbow: Six Siege

As a rule, this is due to unsurpassed tactical and ergonomic characteristics.

5 – W 417

W 417 in Rainbow: Six Siege

Despite the fact that the characteristics of this rifle do not stand out for anything remarkable (all parameters are approximately on the Middle level), the weapon is one of the most destructive in the entire game. In addition, the W 417 behaves quite dutifully during shooting, so that even novice gamers can easily handle it. However, the presence of a store on 21 rounds may scare off some potential owners, because frequent reloading increases the risk of the shooter’s death. However, if you are a fan of precision automatic rifles, then this model should suit your taste.

4 – BT RG15

BT RG15 in Rainbow: Six Siege

Although this pistol cannot boast of high destructive forcelike any Magnum, it is still one of the most popular secondary weapons. The reason for this lies in the good ergonomics (almost no recoil from the weapon is observed), as well as in the large store volume… Thus, the gun is excellent for eliminating lightly armored targets and headshots. In general, this is not a bad option for a well-aimed shooter, guided by the principle: “one shot – one frag”.


BT BOSG in Rainbow: Six Siege

While pump-action shotguns are not the most common weapon among shooters, single shot BOSG definitely deserves your attention. This model has a huge amount of damage when firing at close range. Even heavily armored the enemy will be greatly surprised to find the pellets fired by this “monster” under the steel frame. Usually with one shot, the shotgun completely removes the armor, and with the other it destroys the enemy.

However, if you are not sure that you can get into the suddenly appeared enemy the first time, then it would be better to give preference to semi-automatic models with large ammunition

2 – B Hibana’s Type 89

B Hibana's Type 89 in Rainbow: Six Siege

Although on paper this assault rifle does not look like anything frightening, in fact, it is not in vain considered one of the most popular guns. The reason for this is the wide range of possibilities for adapting to the individual playing style. This weapon can be used for shooting both on distant and middleand on short distances. All thanks to the high rate of fire combined with good damage.

In addition to this, the rifle has a very large magazine. Well, the recoil can be mitigated with various modifications, for example, the ACOG collimator sight.

1 – B Twitch S F2

B Twitch S F2 in Rainbow: Six Siege

The F2 assault rifle is rightfully called the best weapon in the game. The model has such high performance characteristics that many even call it imbalance. Huge damage, high rate of fire, roomy magazine and unrealistically low recoil – all this contributes to the fact that even a complete noob can make several frags, simply by shooting from the hip. If F2 is in the hands of professional, in a direct clash, the chance will be only two against one. Moreover, if submachine guns are not so effective at long distances, then this gun is practically not inferior to most assault rifles.

The most important thing is to shoot in small bursts, trying to aim at the head. In general, quite cheating weapon compared to the rest of the arsenal.

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