• September 28, 2023

TOP 5 best horror maps for Minecraft

Most of us live ordinary and simple. Few people have the opportunity to experience strong emotions or adrenaline, but thanks to the gaming industry, even couch potatoes have a chance to fix it. So fans of Minecraft can bring themselves to a state of extreme anxiety and fear with the help of the horror maps presented below.

TOP 5 best horror maps in Minecraft

Think animated blocky NPCs can’t be scary? You are wrong. To prove it, we have created a compilation for you chilling horror maps in Minecraft… They will deprive you of sleep for a long time. The main thing is to dim the lights, put on headphones and get your nerves ready. Fear awaits you that you have never experienced before.

Black Light [1.6.4.]

Black Light card

Fear similar to the one you might have experienced in Outlast, you can also feel thanks to this card. In the center of the plot is a grim expedition to one of the Russian psychiatric hospitals. All the action will take place after a nuclear explosion, and this only intensifies passions.

Locations on the map look incredibly dirty; they are full of dark graffiti and matching color schemes. This effect is achieved through a specialized texture pack. As in all the best horror maps in Minecraft, namely skillful use of lighting makes Black Light truly creepy.

Download horror map mental hospital for Minecraft


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The Asylum [1.8.]

The Asylum Map

Where do you think ghosts most often live? Of course in abandoned shelters and hospitals… This is where you can get a lot of thrills and a couple of gray hair. According to the plot of the map, you got into an accident and got lost. This card gives goosebumps, and the locals immortal mobs awaken in you a sense of powerlessness and terror. Challenge yourself and play one of the best horror games in Minecraft.

Survival Horror [1.2.]

Survival Horror Card

Oh no, the spooky hill mansion again! How could he not become the center of the horror map in Minecraft? This is another creation Hypixel, which, by the way, has already been mentioned by us several times in our review of the best adventure maps.

Here you need to survive 25 waves ghouls and animals, reinforced by the modder at times. The number of resources in the location is limited. You only have access to what lies around the estate. And a non-working electric generator also causes panic, giving the gamer an animal fear of the dark.

Download survival horror map for Minecraft


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Ruins of the Dead [1.6.2.]

Ruins of the Dead Map

If you like unusual surroundings and dangers at every turn – then this ancient underground temple with a bunch of hostile mobs was created especially for you. There is also valuable loot in hidden chests, but they still need to be reached, and it’s not so easy. The difficulty of the game increases with each new wave of enemies.

This card offers you survive in the ruins full of zombies… For those who can get through 16 waves more and more hardcore undead, there is even a dodgy and very difficult final boss. Throughout the location, you can find hidden traps for hostile NPCs, enchanted weapons and other useful loot that will help you get out of the dungeon to the surface.

Download horror map with zombies for Minecraft


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Wandering [1.8.8.]

Wandering Card

An unforgettable map in Minecraft that will give you a feeling of fear of persecution from the first minutes of the game. You play as Jack – a simple 30-year-old hard worker who returned home after a hard day at work. but you are clearly not alone here, because something, or maybe someone is watching you. The sounds of lightning, disturbing music and the lonely steps of our hero only add to the atmosphere.

This horror map was created especially for Halloween, but you can tickle your nerves here at any time.

We hope you have the courage to play at least one of these scary cards. And if you are already tired of hiding and being afraid, go on an adventure to different parts of the Minecraft world or test your skill on survival maps. Good luck!

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