• May 23, 2022

TOP 5 best pets in Among Us

All popular games have cosmetic improvements that can be bought and money. However, a crew member can make himself a true friend, and it’s definitely worth it.

TOP 5 best pets in Among Us

Pets are an integral part of Among Us. They not only decorate the game and add a little uniqueness to the characters, but also carry some gameplay features… The main feature of the pets in Among As is that this little eccentric remains at the place of the death of his master, if he was overtaken by a traitor. This is serious helps the team in case of self-report of the impostor, since he can hide the true location of the body in order to deflect suspicion from himself.

However, the pets are also just beautiful.… We compiled our TOP based on three criteria: visual style, originality and the pet’s reaction to the fact that its owner has become a ghost. Here are five of the best pets from Among Us.

# 5 – Badcrab (Squid)

Among Us Badcrab

Opens our selection of cute badcrab. He has an unusual appearance and an original name with a reference to the headcrab. In addition, it has a funny movement animation. When such a small alien quickly touches his tentacles, trying to keep up with a crew member, it cannot but touch.

If the impostor catches up with the player with this pet, then the badcrab will be stretched out on the floor near the scene… It is unclear whether he is so grieving for the owner, or whether he is trying to pretend to be dead.

# 4 – Hamster in a ball

Among Us Hamster

In second place is a less original, but no less cute character – a hamster in a ball. It looks like a reminder of the ground for the brave crew members, and it’s incredibly cute. Of course, a hamster is just a hamster, it doesn’t have an unusual coloring or special design. But does he need it? After all, it is precisely with his intelligibility and spontaneity that he attracts.

If the owner of the hamster stops playing and becomes a ghost, he will stand at the place of their last meeting and look around in confusionlooking for your friend. This is a very touching scene.

# 3 – Dog

Among Us Dog

A dog is man’s best friend, even in Among Us. Unlike a hamster, this is already a completely alien beast. The dog has an unusual color and only one big eye, but it is clearly incredibly happy to see its owner. The dog’s tongue always sticks out funny, and the muzzle just shines with happiness.

The dog’s joy is interrupted when the owner leaves her. She lies on the floor in the same place, the muzzle becomes sad, and she herself seemed to whine plaintively. It becomes obvious that she really considered this crew member her friend.

# 2 – Henry

Among Us Henry

Henry follows the player like another full-fledged astronaut who is ready to rush to complete tasks at any time. Its design is quite simple and therefore extremely attractive. How did this wand man get on the ship? Who is he? Is it an alien life form or a robot? So many questions and so few answers.

If a crew member stumbles upon a traitor, then Henry will mourn his friend with burning tears… This is just a heartbreaking scene, and it was she who brought this companion to the second place in our TOP.

# 1 – Brain slug

Among Us Brain Slug

It would seem that the brain slug is not the best companion for a crew member, but in fact it is not. This pet meets all the criteria for an ideal pet for Among Us… He supports the space theme, he has an unusual appearance, bright colors and interesting animation.

When a crew member turns into a little ghost the brain slug curls up like it wants to cry and looks sadly at the place where he last saw the owner.

Pets are only purchased for real money. Each of them costs $ 2.99. However, there are several ways to get your Among Us pet for free.

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