• December 1, 2023

TOP 5 best skins for Among Us

When deciding which outfit is most profitable to purchase for your hero, it is best to pay attention to these five. They perfectly complement the atmosphere of the game.

Among Us Skins

Skin in Among Us is a way to stand out, be remembered, and sometimes even play a role. Companies of friends, going to play this online mafia, often give each of their friends an area of ​​”work” depending on the chosen profession… Skins help this game, because among them are the costumes of a doctor and a police officer. However, if you decide to play Among Us for the first time and buy a spectacular skin for yourself, which one is better to opt for? Our TOP-5 will help you decide on the appearance of your crew member.

Place number 5 – Military

Among Us military skin

If you like the military theme and you think that on a ship with impostors you can’t do without a real general – this image is made for you. It is strict, easy to read and understandable to everyone. When there is a military man at the discussion table, his word always sounds especially weighty.

All character colors look good with the “military” skin, even light green, because it has very dark shades. The image perfectly complements the general atmosphere on the ship, gives it a certain seriousness.

Place number 4 – MIRA HQ

Among Us MIRA HQ

Are you a NASA employee, undercover agent, investigator, or just a local ship cop? This skin is as versatile as possible, it is suitable for any character and you can play a variety of roles with it. If you want to come up with something new about your hero every time, then he is perfect for you.

Of course, vague design is also a minus of the skin. Sometimes you have to explain to another team member for a long time what he means, and this turns off some gamers. In practice, however, this versatile outfit is incredibly useful for having fun with your friends.

Place number 3 – Astronaut

Among Us astronaut skin

Of course, the crew members of Among Us are already wearing sealed suits, but why not try to provide yourself with additional protection? The Astronaut’s suit is intended for spacewalk. If the hero has this outfit, it means that he performs tasks outside the ship – removes space debris, carries out repairs, and so on. An interesting addition to your crew member’s legend.

Another fun fact is that when a hero in such an outfit is thrown overboard, he, according to the logic of the skin, it may not die right away, because it has an oxygen cylinder. Of course, these are all just pretty descriptions, not gameplay mechanics, but they make the game a lot more fun.

Place number 2 – Captain

Among Us captain skin

Who wouldn’t want to take on the role of the Captain? Nice shirt, tie, strict black trousers and a cap. You are the boss on this ship, and no one can dispute this. Of course, such a suit does not provide any gameplay privileges, but no one bothers you and your friends to agree otherwise.

Best of all, when the captain’s costume is with the host who holds the room. It is he who must ensure that players do not use cheats, do not flood and interrupt each other, if they communicate using third-party communications. In this case, the player’s role and his skin will perfectly match.

Place # 1 – Black Suit or White Suit

Perhaps a classic tailcoat is not the best outfit for a spaceship or station, however the crew member looks incredibly impressive in it… In addition, white and black outfits seem to endow the model with some kind of special personality. The character in the dark is perceived more as a traitor. He is perceived to be strict, self-confident and uncompromising.

Its opposite is a character in a white suit. He seems completely incapable of being a traitor. And its spectacular appearance is able to conquer any crew member who is afraid to be left alone and needs a reliable ally.

The best thing purchase both of these skins and alternate them depending on the party and mood, but even one by one they deserve to be at the top of this TOP.

All skins in Among Us are paid. However, there are ways to get them without spending extra money. For this, we have created a special selection of mods for Among As for PC and Android.

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