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TOP 5 games that changed the world and gamers

The best titles in the history of the industry that have had a significant impact on both colleagues and gaming in general. These projects have changed the perception of games in society and forced the developers to work harder.

The history of video games is an interesting topic that you can talk about for hours. The impact on the entire industry of projects such as Mario, Tetris, The Sims, Final Fantasy and others is difficult to overestimate. However, for this TOP, we chose only 5 games, which by their release turned the world of games, and still have a significant impact on it.

Mortal Kombat (1992)

Mortal kombat

At the beginning of its journey, computer games were very nice and friendly… Most often, gamers were offered to entertain themselves with an arcade, or a project with an uncomplicated plot without unnecessary details and high topics. That all changed when projects like Mortal Kombat entered the arena. Dark and bloody, they set new rules of the game, and something had to be done about it.

The problem was that at that time games were considered a product “for children”. There was no age limit in the world of video gaming, and Mortal Kombat could fall into the hands of any user. It was because of such bloody games that official restrictions for minors, which protected immature minds from excessive cruelty.

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Metal Gear Solid (1998)

Metal gear solid

Phrase “Kojima is a genius“Sounds from every iron even in 2021, but not every gamer knows why this gamer got his honorary title. Of course, he still produces wonderful projects to this day, but it still started at the origins of the modern gaming industry, with the release of Metal Gear Solid. The project made a splash and changed the approach forever to the development of such titles.

The point is that Kojima turned his game into a real movie… For the voice acting of the characters, professional actors were invited, the frames were lined up according to the advice of experienced operators, and the script was given a lot more timethan in all competitive projects combined. The Japanese showed that the game can become not just entertainment, but also a separate art form

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Dota (2003)


MOBA games have a long and convoluted history, but as we know them today, they owe them to the first custom maps for Blizzard games. It all started with addons for Starcraft, but became the most popular DotA based on Warcraft III… The number of interested players kept growing and growing, and in 2008 the developers paid attention to this.

First, League of Legends appeared, and then the fabulous Dota 2… However, it is impossible to call League of Legends the progenitors of the genre, because initially this title itself relied on a custom DOTA map. Dota 2 is now considered the “successor” of that very custom game mode, and this particular game sets trends in the MOBA segment

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World of Warcraft (2004)

World of warcraft

The advent of MMORPG games on the market has changed the gaming industry forever. Of course, World of Warcraft was not the only title of its kind, however he was the most popular, so this particular project entered the TOP. In 2009, the peak online Warcraft climbed to the level of 10 million players – unimaginable numbers for that time. So far WoW considered the standard of the genrewhich is incredibly difficult to get close to.

MMO games have brought an incredibly important and complex element to the industry – cooperative… From that moment on, even those projects that were not considered multiplayer tried to add special modes or missions where they could play with friends… Nowadays, depriving a title of the opportunity to pass it as a team is a serious risk for developers.

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Fortnite (2017)

Fortnite Chapter Two |  Official site |  Epic Games

Battle Royale is a genre that has already become boring for everyone around, but these games are still being played. Of course, there were a great many similar projects, and they started the same way as MOBA, from custom maps and addons for, for example, Minecraft. However, Fortnite has brought true popularity to battle royale.

Fortnite not only became the most popular game in the genre in record time, it became part of pop culture… Toys with battle royale characters are sold in large stores for children, and merch is constantly being released for older users. What can we say, if the Fortnite developers were able to make enough money to create your own game store – Epic Games Store, and become one of the biggest competitors to Steam.

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