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Top 5 scariest Resident Evil games

Initially, “Resident Evil” was conceived as a horror project that should cause goosebumps, and in some situations, irresistible disgust. This formula has been perfectly implemented in some games in the series, but not in all.

Scariest Resident Evil games

Japanese studio CAPCOM has released the first Resident evil in 1996, and immediately the project became an example of horror games. It was thanks to the influence and inspiration from the first part that hits such as Silent Hill, Paradise Eve and subsequent Resident Evil.

The developers adhered to the same formula for three games, and then came out revolutionary Resident Evil 4, which added a lot of action and shooter component. It was thanks to RE4 that projects such as Dead Space and Alan Wake saw the light of day.

Resident Evil 5 and 6 turned out to be not as successful as the fourth part. CAPCOM has made an even greater bias in the action gameplay, completely forgetting (and scoring) the horror and atmosphere of fear. Fans and critics didn’t like it, which affected both sales and ratings.

The franchise was revived and sparkled with new colors thanks to a relatively new Resident evil 7… In it, the developers went back to basics, and began to frighten the players even more trenchant than in the first parts of the series.

Despite the fact that in its style, Resident Evil implies horror, not all projects of the title can boast of this. Among all the releases (and there were about ten of them), one can distinguish five worstfrom the least horror to the most terrifying.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Long awaited remake of the second partreleased in early 2019. Undisputedly one of the best remakes in the history of video games, deservedly received several awards, including Game of the year

CAPCOM has perfectly recreated the horror atmosphere in the police station, where danger can wait around every corner. Of the most memorable moments, fans celebrate their first meeting with lizun, which is frightening with just one look, as well as a constant chase mr x

Mister X, regularly stalking Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield, creates a sense of continuing dangerwhich is impossible to get used to. At any moment, a giant can appear and follow the main character, not allowing him to relax for a second. And his loud and measured steps can be heard even through several premises of the police station

It would seem that introducing a constant pursuer to the game is always a winning gameplay move, but the sad experience of the Resident Evil 3 remake showed how well CAPCOM did a good job in the second part.

Resident Evil (2002)

Resident Evil (2002)

The first part of the franchise inspires fear with just the memories. CAPCOM made the right decision by making remake of 1996 game, perfectly conveying the chorus atmosphere in it.

The essence of horror is revealed here in all its glory: huge mansion with riddlesfilled with scary monsters. At the same time, the original purpose of the special squad changed in the first hour of the game, and now the gallant military must not only explore the house, but also get out of it alive. The survival aspect is superb, especially when exploring the mansion’s spookiest sites as Jill Valentine.

Besides the horror and atmosphere, the project really stands out interesting plot with a twist at the end. No wonder it was the success of Resident Evil that allowed the Japanese developers to work on the subsequent parts of the title.

Resident evil village

Resident evil village

Recently released Resident evil village while controversy over the quality of the horror part of the game is, many fans are satisfied with this aspect. Even before the release of the project, it was known that CAPCOM deliberately lowered the fear factor after Resident Evil 7, as many gamers complained about the atmosphere being too heavy (mostly newbies).

In Resident Evil Village, the developers have literally distributed the action and horror segments using the locations of the lords. The scariest place is house of Benevento… Avoiding spoilers, we can say that the ghosts in it are really terrifying, and the doll not only looks creepy, but also behaves accordingly!

CAPCOM is to be commended for being in the Benevento house not only classic horror moves are used akin to sudden appearances from the edges of the screen, but there are also terrifying moments with a static picture. It’s not for nothing that Japanese creators are considered the best at scaring audiences.

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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999)

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999)

In the wake of the success of the remake of the second part of CAPCOM, they made Resident Evil 3 Remake, and it was because of the rush that the game came out not as good as the original. However, about Nemesis 1999 is not worth forgetting.

In the third part, for the first time in the title, a boss appeared, constantly chasing members of the STARS squad Nemesis goes after Jill Valentine in the police station and beyond, and given the really difficult puzzles and various difficulties on the way, it is quite difficult to combine survival and passing the game. The feeling of constant pursuit intensifies the already existing fear, which appears due to the abrupt episodes and the atmosphere of a destroyed city teeming with zombies and mutants.

Many fans of the franchise are still remember the first encounter with the terrifying Nemesis… Compared to Mr. X, he looks much uglier and seems furious and insane, unlike the cold-blooded boss from the second part.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

First half Resident evil 7 – an example of what a horror movie should be. CAPCOM went back to basics and refined old mechanics. The biggest change is the first person view… So everything that happens is felt brighter, and interactivity is significantly increased. The perfect solution for a Japanese studio!

Ethan Winters, who came to the Baker mansion to save his missing lover, must survive almost from the start… At the same time, players are frightened not only by the presence of monsters and terrible mutations (although what is the mother of the Bakers), but also a crazy atmosphere. Suffice it to recall the “family” dinner with eating worms or Mia’s surprise attack.

After moving to an abandoned ship with Evelina horror is getting smaller, although at first the impenetrable darkness and unknown holds are no less frightening than the creaking planks of the mansion. This is the climactic half, so it’s not surprising that there are more gunfights and battles here.

Gamers who hadn’t played good horror games before even complained about “too heavy atmosphere”Resident Evil 7, which causes feelings of discomfort and anxiety. While this is completely subjective, CAPCOM has listened to these players and made the Village less terrifying. Whether this decision is correct or not, let everyone decide for himself.

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