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TOP 5 strategies about World War II

The Second World War Is an ever-popular topic for any action and / or RTS-strategy, which is sometimes saturated with the spirit of patriotism. The latter, which is interesting, are even more suited to this topic, and therefore games about the Second World War in this genre came out quite a bit of

TOP-5 strategies about World War II

The Wotpack editors have prepared a rating of the best strategies about the Second World War.

Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2

The most famous and discussed of all the strategies for the Second World War. They argued about her a lot and for a long time, and each time they came to one thing: “Is Company of Heroes 2 worthy to be considered the best?“Even now, this question still comes up.

The player goes not to the western, but to the eastern front, which has long been considered the most brutal in history.

The gamer always has two options:

  1. Play a single player campaign where you have to choose side of the USSR
  2. Launch multiplayer and find real people with whom you can fight both for the Soviet Union and the Wehrmacht.
Company of Heroes 2 fell victim to the review by Evgeny Bazhenov, also known as BadComedian. You can see his opinion here.

This project has two multiplayer add-ons:

  1. The western front armies
  2. The british forces

Each of them adds new factions with their own characteristics to the multiplayer mode. They must be reckoned with if a gamer wants to achieve victory.

And here Ardennes assault – already for the single player. The player in it will be able to evaluate 18 missions, each of which is interesting in its own way.

The health of the company is preserved, so you need to watch closely… Replacing a fallen comrade will be oh, how difficult.

In general, despite the difficulties that arise, this game is one of the best in the RTS strategy genre.

Video – Trailer for Company of Heroes 2

You can buy this game here

Blitzkrieg 3

Blitzkrieg 3

Another project from the list of the most prominent representatives games about the Second World War.

Is an strong improved version the first part, from which the basic mechanics were inherited, albeit with a number of major changes.

The gamer, as a real strategist, will have to plan operations, and very carefully. When all the preparations are complete, you need to lead your army into battle, no matter which side the gamer is fighting for.

There are three countries to choose from: USSR, USA and Germany.

If we consider a single player, then it is proposed to go through several story campaigns, which, in general, cover all locations and battlesthat really happened during the Second World War. But, more importantly, in the third Blitzkrieg, an online component appeared, thanks to which you can play against other users.

If there are not enough friends, then Blitzkrieg 3 is ready to pull ace from the sleeve – a neural network AI named Boris. Self-study, “honest” obtaining information, coupled with the constant analysis of the opponent’s moves, allows you to come up with more and more complex strategies that can surprise the player well.

This AI partner is the best to find in Blitzkrieg 3.

Video – Trailer for Blitzkrieg 3

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Panzer Corps 2

Panzer Corps 2

The most recent strategy devoted to this topic. In it you can see a fairly fast and dynamic gameplay (projects of the “old school” say hello).

If we judge the gameplay in a couple of words, the assessment will look like this: maximum madness and even hardcore.

You will have to fight for a fearless hero who is responsible for a small army. Its number is up to eight hundred units, and very unique in terms of appearance. Over time, the army will become more and more dangerous. This is evidenced by the number of victories won by you as a commander.

Gamers should not forget that he must help his soldiers arm themselves with the latest technology so that they can fight on a par with their enemies.

The game mechanics here turned out to be easy enough to understand and at the same time very deep. It is necessary to consider many different situations, phenomena and actions of the enemy in order to find the best way out.

Mods are a separate item to consider. Panzer Corps 2 offers powerful script editor, and content from other gamersthat you can download and play with other people.

Video – Panzer Corps 2 Announcement Trailer

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Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

The most ambitious strategy based on the Second World War. It stands out among others, first of all, the opportunity to become the head of absolutely any nation that existed in the period from 1936 to 1945, that is, before and during the military conflict.

The player will have to get into the thick of events both in the country itself and outside it. Everything should be under his careful guidance, even diplomacy. It is often possible to get more from the correct organization of negotiations than from firing from tanks and aircraft. Military forces or the subtle art of persuasion – the gamer will use any means in order to get out of the war and prosper, having won.

When choosing the path of an armed conflict, the player will take part in tank battles, acting as a division commander. If necessary, in order not to lose most of the troops during battles, you can send scouts to enemy territory. This will allow you to find out about the size of the enemy army. For more fire support it is worth take advantage of the navy (this requires an add-on called Man the guns).

By developing technology, the country gains access to a large number of very different weapons: from a new pistol or machine gun up to weapons of mass destruction (WMD), with which the conflict will end quickly enough.

Optimizing the work of the whole country, creating conditions for victory and providing everything necessary – the gamer needs to do everything to achieve victory.

Video – Hearts of Iron IV Trailer

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Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Continuation of the famous strategy “Behind Enemy Lines 2: Assault“. This game inherited all the best from the previous parts, while adding new modes of the single player campaign. The graphics and gameplay are good enough for a fairly old project.

A gamer who decides to go through the story must deal with fifteen singleplayer missions and more than twenty additional contractions… All of them will be deployed on the battlefields in Europe, North Africa and even in the Pacific Ocean.

The multiplayer turned out to be quite rich. The gamer has at his disposal 65 maps, 5 game modes, a huge number of combat vehicles and soldiers of various profiles.

This is all that is enough to measure strength with opponents.

There are five different factions to choose from during World War II:

  1. USSR.
  2. USA.
  3. Third Reich.
  4. Empire of Japan.
  5. British Empire.

Four expansion packs were created for this game.

  1. Iron fist Is the first add-on released in 2015. Tank missions with a third person camera are added.
  2. Airborne – the second DLS, which was released in the same year. With its release, gamers have the opportunity to add bots to the network game. In addition, sabotage missions were included.
  3. Men of war origins – an add-on released a year later. It is a collection of missions from “Brothers in Arms” and “Desert Fox”, which have been remade specifically for this game.
  4. Ostfront Veteranen – the last DLS. It became available for installation in 2018. It added 10 new German vehicles and units.

Video – Trailer for Men of War: Assault Squad 2

You can buy this game here

Bonus – Men of War II: Arena

Men of War II: Arena

The publisher of 1C Entertainment in 2020 offered gamers a new project in the “Behind Enemy Lines” universe – Men of War II: Arena… This online game, although in the OBT stage, has inherited all the best from the cult parts such as “Behind Enemy Lines 2: Assault“And”Behind Enemy Lines: Saboteurs“. As a tactical online real-time action game, the project offers intuitive controls, simple game mechanics and an interesting storyline.

It stands out for the possibility of multiplayer and cooperative passage with other people.

You can register and receive bonuses here.

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