• April 22, 2024

Top 5 Tanks for Trade-in in WoT in 2020

Relevant for farming and bending in random. How to get the maximum discount?

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and in connection with the beginning of the April Trade-in, we have compiled our TOP 5 tanks that deserve attention in the first place. Not without new products, which added to the list of available tanks. The option to get the maximum discount at the end of the article.


Defender Killer – 50TP prototyp is definitely one of the most interesting proposals. He has a high one-time damage, and a comfortable UVN and a strong forehead of the tower allow you to play from the terrain. At the same time, they combine good VLD armor with excellent mobility.

He is a confident close combat fighter, who is now also relevant in the sense that he is the only Polish premium heavy to pump the crew for the 60TP Lewandowskiego. The top Polish TT is now one of the best at level 10; top streamers often roll it out on YouTube. By the way, in May there will be discounts and combat missions for this branch, it leads by a large margin in voting among players:

From the last Trade-in stage, the French LT ELC EVEN 90 with imbue invisibility became available, the best among the premiums for passive lighting… You can not only farm on it, but also go through most of the LBZ, and it is great for taking high ranks on the Froth Line (a low silhouette allows you to tighten up and stay out of the enemy’s line of sight while capturing or defending the base).

The armament leaves much to be desired, the stabilization is poor, the mixing is long, but if the right moment is seized, then a drum for 3 shells can be realized. However, this car is not about shooting damage, but about lightning and it copes with this perfectly. Low silhouette + good dynamics = gets into the bush first (activates the mask and horns) and overexposes any other LT. Feels good even at the bottom of the list.

The German LT HWK 30 is also an interesting option. Good penetration and decent one-time damage are combined with good accuracy. He has good dynamics and high visibility, the best among classmates. Ammunition deserves special attention here.

The high flight speed of basic subcalibers is 1080 m / s, and what’s even cooler, premium HEAT shells fly even faster than 1145 m / s (in most cases, vice versa). Therefore, it is convenient to shoot ahead. But that is not all! High-explosive fragmentation shells penetrate 102 mm, which makes it possible to perfectly deal with “cardboard” tanks, but it itself absorbs land mines with full damage.

The Swedish tank destroyer Strv S1 has long been available for exchange, but it will not suit all players due to its narrow (cluster) specialization and the need to switch from marching to siege mode, and vice versa. But those who master it in full will get a fierce damage-shooting machine:

  • subcalibers with high flight speed;
  • the best armor penetration among classmates with a basic shell;
  • in siege mode, excellent accuracy and aiming time.

In marching mode, the equipment is very mobile, which is convenient when taking positions, and excellent disguise will turn you into “Shooting bush”

Another tank destroyer, but already Chinese, is the WZ-120-1G FT. In every way versatile and well balanced machine… It combines good dynamics with good frontal armor and excellent disguise. The gun has good armor penetration and fast reloading, so the DPM is in order. Only mediocre accuracy and long mixing are a little depressing, but such is the reckoning that the car was not too imposing.

How to get the maximum discount?

This is a proven method for a long time, experienced players use Trade-in technique in this way. There is a simple option get a free tier 8 prem tank for the referral program. Therefore, players invite friends to WoT and help them swing (not necessary, but speeds up the process of gaining the necessary points for a referral). At the same time, you can go through the referral alone by creating a twink.

The essence of the discount is that choose the most expensive premium tank for the referral – AMX M4 mle. 49 for 11,700 gold… When exchanged, it can be returned for half the price, which gives a 4850 gold discount. Therefore, the most adventurous take good premium tanks with a decent discount (sometimes almost for free) and every time after Trade-in they go through the referral program again and take AMX M4 mle. 49 for the next exchange.

You can go through the referral as quickly as possible and with the least stress if you correctly register a new account. Regard a friend or a twink using a special invite link and add the TANKOLET invite code. In total it will give a week of premium account, 1450 units of game gold and prem tank T-127

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