• February 21, 2024

TOP 6 most anticipated games in July 2020 across all platforms

July 2020 is not a very rich month in game releases, but so many different titles are being prepared for release that you certainly won’t be bored. At the very beginning of this hot summer month, the owners of virtual reality sets are in for a pleasant surprise: Marvel’s Iron Man VR. Love team shooters with colorful heroes and explosives? You will definitely love Rocket Arena. July is also the month in which we will have to fight back the Mongol invaders in Ghost of Tsushima and wander fantasy worlds in the Isles of Adalar. And in the end, lowering the raised degree of seriousness, players will expect a remake of the original Destroy All Humans and Grounded – a playable form of such popular cartoons as The Adventures of Flick and Antz Ant, but only with the participation of smaller people.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR – July 3

Available on: PS4

After several transfers, Iron Man VR was still able to get to its release, which means that we finally have the opportunity to experience the shoes of Iron Man – one of the most famous members of the elite team of superheroes “The Avengers”. As you might expect, the game interface inside the PSVR helmet is made in the style of FRIDAY technology (female voice, artificial intelligence from the trailer), created by Tony Stark himself. You can use your PS Move controllers to aim and fire your suit’s various weaponry. In addition to Iron Man himself, in Iron Man VR you will meet Pepper Potts, Nick Fury and other equally popular characters of the Marvel universe.

Rocket Arena – July 14

Available on: PS4, Xbox One and PC

Rocket Arena is a highly offbeat competitive 3v3 shooter where players have only one weapon available: the rocket launcher. No, no, don’t rush to the next game on the list: there is one weapon, but there are a whole bunch of types of cartridges. Each hero has his own ammunition, which has unique effects that will come in handy in a given situation on the battlefield. Among other things, you can personalize the selected hero with all kinds of outfits, parts for the rocket launcher and stat boosters.

Ghost Of Tsushima – July 17

Available on: PS4

Ghost Of Tsushima is the next PS4 exclusive from Sucker Punch, behind projects such as Sly Cooper and Infamous. You will take on the role of Jin – a samurai who embarked on the warpath and wants to free Tsushima and his people from the Mongol invaders. Jin will be helped in this difficult task by a combination of stealth and an unsurpassed combat system with katanas, where you need to switch between different styles and plan your attacks to parry other attacks. Ghost Of Tsushima is a real treasure for all fans of Japanese culture and cinema.

Isles of Adalar – July

Available on: PC

Did you miss a good RPG in the open world? Isles of Adalar is a modern action / RPG inspired by the Elder Scrolls and Gothic series. By the way, Peakway Software LLC, the developers of the game, did not talk about the latter, but a large number of people in Steam discussions more than once drew parallels with the creation of the German studio Piranha Bytes. But how is Isles of Adalar different from many other games of this genre? The answer is the presence of a cooperative mode and a built-in level editor / toolkit. Almost endless RPG (according to the developers) and support for custom modifications – hundreds if not thousands of game hours are guaranteed.

Destroy All Humans – July 28

Available on: PS4, Xbox One and PC

This is a remake of Destroy All Humans, released back in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. We again take control of an alien named Krypto. Crypto’s task is to collect DNA from the inhabitants of a small American town, in which he will be helped by an extensive arsenal of alien weapons and gadgets. And you know what? The Destroy All Humans remake includes not only content from the original game, but also content that was cut from it during development by Pandemic Studios.

Grounded – July 28

Available on: Xbox One and PC

Agree, the world is a big, beautiful, but extremely dangerous place, especially if you have been inadvertently reduced to the size of a tiny ant. Grounded is a new project from the creators of such high-end games as Fallout New Vegas, KOTOR II, Pillars of Eternity and The Outer Worlds. However, Grounded is an extremely unusual project for Obsidian Entertainment, because the developer is primarily known for its RPG games. Before us is a game in the genre of “survival” in which you and your friends will have to live side by side with giant insects, search for materials and build a base. You have to try to scout the secrets of the backyard in the mysterious and fascinating story offered by the game’s storyline campaign.

The month of July is very hot in most regions – it’s best to stay at home, have a refreshing drink and enjoy some amazing video games! Do you think so?

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