Top 6 sand imbs that developers will make collectible.

The last opportunity to get tanks relatively free, for which you will then have to overpay or earn money in events.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and in connection with the global update in World of Tanks called “New Balance” we want to draw your attention to the very technique that will be removed from the pumping branches. More than 100 cars will be removed in total. At this stage, they plan to transfer it to a new category – “Collectible”, but who knows how her fate will develop in the future, will she not become a reward for events or another lot of the Black Market for a fabulous sum?

From a variety of techniques, we have selected for you 5 most interesting options for bending in the “sand”. Crews can be transferred to collectible vehicles without penalty, and modules can be selected from all available ones.

6th place

German SPG Sturmpanzer I Bison Level 3 stands out among classmates of its level the most powerful weaponbut pays for it with a long mix. The main feature is the very high armor penetration of 35 mm. Other nations receive similar indicators:

  • USSR at level 4;
  • USA at level 5;
  • France at level 6;
  • Great Britain is at level 7.

So there are no problems with penetrating single-tier opponents, and shells often come in with full damage, distributing “one-shots” and collecting medals “Scythe of death”… Also Bison one of the first self-propelled guns gets the ability to stun vehicles. Also, the gun has a long firing range for its level, and if you need to drive up, then everything is in order with mobility.

5th place

German Pz.Kpfw. 38

  • excellent stabilization in motion;
  • good accuracy;
  • very fast mixing;
  • high armor penetration with basic and gold shells.

Add to this the small size, good mobility, decent visibility and we end up with an effective bend tank that copes well with passing referral program.

How to complete the solo referral program

Invite links + invite codes to create a twink

4th place

Soviet Tier 3 Light Tank T-46 has mediocre armor, but is variable in terms of firepower. Him a choice of three guns at once:

  • 37 mm drum;
  • more stable 45 mm;
  • 75 mm high explosive

An assortment of guns for every taste allows you to use a varied gameplay. He has good mobility, he can take an important position at the beginning of the battle, support a breakthrough along the flank, or rush into an enemy base to cut out arta.

3rd place

Tier 4 German tank destroyer Jagdpanzer 38

She has a low silhouette and a good disguise, but it is played exclusively at close range due to the mediocre accuracy of the gun and a very small view.

2nd place

And one more representative of Germany (nothing can be done about it, it is the techniques of this nation that will be removed the most at low levels), which is deservedly considered a sandy imboy and the # 1 choice for most players to go through the referral – Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C… One of the most aggressive LT, which is constantly at the forefront of the attack, has several distinctive features:

  • one of the fastest tanks in the game;
  • high visibility and communication range;
  • fast reloading and large DPM.

He has only machine guns at his disposal, but it is they that make him such a formidable enemy. Having entered the enemy’s side or stern, you can destroy vehicles even 1 level higher from one cassette

1st place

Unconditional nibbler, most popular level 5 car – American tank destroyer T67… She has several qualities for which her owners adore her and her opponents hate:

  • excellent disguise, difficult to detect;
  • differs in a tower of full rotation, which allows you to keep the enemy in sight and not lose the effect of the mask net and stereo tube;
  • a rapid-fire gun with very fast aiming and comfortable high-velocity weapon.

We add to this the high dynamics, which allows, in the shortest possible time, at the beginning of the battle, to occupy key firing positions or, on the contrary, to retreat quickly. He will always have time to return to defend the base or support the capture of the enemy.

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