• August 10, 2022

Top 8 games to improve productivity and self-improvement

There is a perception that video games are distracting and a waste of time. Most of these claims are not only toxic and unfounded, they are fundamentally flawed. There are projects that, on the contrary, can greatly increase the “productivity” of the user.

Top 8 productivity games

They are especially common among applications for mobile platforms. And more and more of these games come out on them.

8. Kind Words

Kind Words

Kind Words – a unique project that not only increases the player’s productivity, but can also improve his mental health. The essence of the gameplay is writing letters… The user can retire in the silence of his own bedroom and express “on paper” all the problems and his sadness. And this will not be a cry into the void – other players will be able to answer the letters.

Relaxing to the music in the style of Lo-Fi, you can catch paper airplanes with letters from users and answer them. It is easy to disable this feature and just use the application as a radio with background music, but for those who reply to emails, there is a nice bonus – stickers that the player receives for replies.

7. Zombies, Run!

Zombies run

Running is boring. But not if running from zombiesZombies, Run! – a mix of fitness apps and games in alternate reality. The player is a gloomy and silent protagonist. He ended up in the town Abel – one of the last strongholds of civilization in the world captured by the dead. Now the hero – “Runner-5” in the campus team. Blessed memory of his predecessor.

During the run, the characters will inform the player about the details of the mission, plunging him into a dark, but full of strong friendship. The GPS function allows you to create the effect that the zombie is chasing the user, forcing him to run faster, because if the dead man catches up with him, all the collected supplies will be lost. Back in Abel, the player will be able to use these resources to improve the base. Great motivation for running!

6. SuperBetter

Super better

The application is based on research Jane McGonigalpresented in her books “Reality in question” and “Superb better”. SuperBetter gamifies the player’s attempts to understand his psychological health. It stimulates work on the assigned tasks and motivates to give up bad habits.

For completing simple tasks, such as paying bills, the player receives achievements. Those who love quests and have long wanted to “settle” their lives will definitely appreciate the application.

5. Habitica


Missed a workout? Fight the dragon. Good motivation not to skip the gym. Habitica stimulates the player to complete everyday tasks and visualizes them in a pixel RPG format.

The player was too lazy and did not complete the task – the characteristics of the hero fall. And that’s not it. You can have fun in Habitica with friends, uniting in a party and fighting together with opponents.

4. Epic Win

Epic Win

Another project that gamifies completing tasks and turning this process into a cartoon role-playing game.

By doing things, the player moves along the map and quests. New location – new loot. New loot – new character outfit. Here you can create a build, almost like in classic RPGs. But the main thing that the player collects is the best version of himself.

3. Forest


Not being distracted by the phone while working and studying and concentrating on business – this is what helps to do Forest… This is a cyclic timer, similar to the well-known Pomodoro… Only here the user not only does his business, but also grows a real forest

When the timer starts, a seed is planted. While the user is busy with the declared task, it grows, but as soon as he moves to the social network, the tree begins to die. By working productively, it is really possible to grow a whole forest. And by spending some real coins – help real forests.

2. Study Bunny

Study bunny

Rabbit help you learn. A practical yet charming app Study bunny encourages the user to return to class while grooming a cute fluffy bun along the way.

The player sets up a class schedule using color differentiation, sets a timer and gets down to business. When concentration drops, you can pause. If it is delayed, the user will lose coins. And a rabbit could get them! They are used to buy sweets.

The application was created for study. But it’s just as easy to use for work, hobby, workout and any other purpose.

1. Virtual Cottage

Virtual cottage

Another joy for fans Lo-FiVirtual cottage Is a small isometric house against a background that changes over the course of the day. The user sets the timer and dives into the work and background music waves.

You can choose white noise yourself, adjust its volume. There is a separate sound signal at the end of the session. Thus, work on a large task can be easily broken down into stages. Task visualization, breakdown, nice background – Virtual Cottage will help increase productivity and maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

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