• March 4, 2024

Top most immobile tier 6 tanks for bending in random

The best for victories, able to make a decisive contribution to the outcome of the battle. The best option for combining the pleasure of the game and increasing personal statistics.


Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and in this article we will look at the best Tier 6 tanks in World of Tanks in 2020. This level of battles is very pleasant, as it allows you to farm silver even on pumped vehicles and often play against newcomers. At the same time, the fights are more relaxing in nature, a little more fun than the “tens”.

Among light tanks, the main favorite is the Chinese Type 64… It has a high viewing radius of 390 meters and good camouflage, so it overexposes everyone at its level and even in battles with “eights” remains an effective scout.Type 64

The high maximum speed allows him to be among the first to occupy key positions, and it will not be so easy to find him. At the same time, he has a rapid-fire weapon and a convenient UVN, therefore, playing from the terrain, he is quite capable of snarling and shooting a lot of damage. Among his classmates, he has no equal.

BUGIIn recent months, the Polish BUGI has significantly stood out against the background of its classmates. Among its classmates, it stands out for its large one-time damage of 240 units (by the way, this is the average value for CT 8) and the best armor penetration with a base shell of 156 mm.

This is the first tank in many years that was able to move the T-34-85M to the RU region in terms of average damage per battle (919 versus 897 units). At the same time, it has comfortable UVN and one of the most armored towers at the level.


But one cannot ignore the Soviet power led by the T-34-85 and its premium counterparts. T-34-85M and T-34-85 Rudy… Quoting Captain Jack Sparrow, we can say that it is: “Three extremes of the same essence”… The tanks are balanced and combine well firepower, mobility and seating armor. They are comfortable to use, so they are the most popular CT at level 6.

There is still a difference between them:

  • T-34-85M has a higher rate of fire, due to which the higher the DPM + the better the VLD booking;
  • T-34-85 Rudy – multinational. On it you can pump not only Soviet tankers, but also Polish ones;
  • T-34-85 slightly weaker than premium counterparts, but you can get it for free.


Among the tank destroyers, the most interesting and imbibous remains Hellcat… It stands out for its excellent stealth and full rotation tower, which allows you to install a camouflage net and a stereo tube, since the effect from them is not reset when the tower is turned. The weapon is accurate, and the high maximum speed makes it possible to take the best positions for shooting damage or move in time.

Among the strands, the undisputed favorite is the owner of the “log gun” KV-2… His dynamics are so-so, armor is rather absent, except that the gun mask can sometimes tank, but they love him for 152 mm howitzer with one-time damage of 910 HE shells. If he breaks through and is lucky with + 25% of the FBG, then he can “shoot” almost any opponent at his level, and even more so fives. KV-2

This machine is not lost in battle even at the bottom of the list, it is enough to just aim and get into the silhouette of the enemy, so even the “eights” are not eager to ride it. By the way, now the store is selling its premium version of the KV-2 R, which was brought in in honor of Halloween in WoT.KV-2 (R) Ragnarok

And it is also worth highlighting such a rare premium tank as the Object 244. Its feature is that in terms of firepower it is equal to the T-34-85 medium tank, but its armor is on a par with Tier 7 IS and KV-13 tanks, while excellent mobility remains. As a result, this is rather a medium tank with very good armor, which forgives mistakes, allows you to play aggressively and drag out tough battles.Object 244

Previously, it could only be obtained as a bonus to a ticket to the WG-Fest for 2500-3500 rubles. But now, on the Twitch Prime promotion, you can get it for 150 rubles in the Starlight set.set of 21 Twitch Prime Starlight Kit (Prime Gaming Starlight Kit) WoT, September 2020

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