• November 29, 2023

Top three maps in WoT according to players

The developers have opened the veil of secrecy and published the statistics of which cards the players block the least.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack is with you, and today we will see which cards are least likely to get into the Blacklist and why they are, what is good there.

3rd place

Opens the ranking of the countryside in Britain – Redshire… Visually, the card is one of the most beautiful in the game. It is represented by mountainous terrain, saturated with hills and fields, a small town is located in the center, and a small river separates the map, which does not interfere with the movement of vehicles. The atmosphere is complemented by an airship, a wrecked and an old dilapidated castle.

The map is well balanced, so both teams are on an equal footing. She disposes to calm and prolonged play, does not forgive thoughtless bursts. Three main areas can be distinguished:

  • the castle and the adjoining lowland;
  • the area of ​​the fallen airship;
  • hills in the center of the map.

It is the hills that are the key position, because the team that captured them gains almost complete control over the rest of the directions. That is why the base is located there in the “Encounter Battle” mode.

The good thing about Redshire is that each class of vehicles can be used and fully play its role, which is important for players performing LBZ.

2nd place

Map with highlands and rugged terrain – Passvisually reminiscent of the North Caucasus. A large number of rocks and stones obscure the chamber, the hills are suitable for ambushes, and the winding paths provide an opportunity to flank the enemy or strike at the base.

This map can be divided into four conventional zones:

  • glacier;
  • bridge;
  • a large ravine in the center of the location;
  • detour behind the mountain.

The variety of directions allows the use of various vehicles, the heavy tanks have where to wrestle, LT can illuminate the center of the map, assault tank destroyers can hold the bridge, and medium tanks are free to support any of the directions, but most often they go uphill. For artillery, there are elevations from which they can control the entire map and defend the base, sometimes “cardboard” tanks can be attached there.

1st place

According to most players, the least problematic map was Lasville… The location is an isolated mountain valley on one side and a small town on the other, separated by a large lake in the center of the map.

It is also one of the few maps, the game on which gives the impression of balance, so it found a lot of fans. Not to say that it is replete with a variety of tactics, basically it all comes down to standing in the gorge, highlighting in the “gut” and the most defining battle takes place within the city streets.

Although the map itself is not large, it provides for “Encounter Battle”. I don’t know about you, but I personally have repeatedly observed a situation where most of the team, instead of advancing to the capture point, sits in a canyon for the battlefield, where a few tanks are enough to hold the direction.

At the same time, like the previous maps, Lasville provides players with the opportunity to play a class role in any vehicle, thanks to different positions: plains, banks, stones, hills, entrances to the city, mountains. The map allows you to get the most out of your tank and enjoy the game.

What are your favorite cards?

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