• May 22, 2024

Two new tanks for the Frontline and the Steel Hunter in 2021

The promotional equipment for players has already been determined and passed all stages of testing.

Two new free Tier 9 tanks for the Frontline and the Steel Hunter in 2021

Hello tankers! Wotpack is with you, and today another news from the upcoming patch 1.12 is on the agenda – promotional tier 9 tanks for tokens in the Front Line and Steel Hunter in World of Tanks. In addition, it is known from the future patch:

This year, the developers will again add two new cars:

You can also get past:

If the players are more or less familiar with the old technique, then let’s take a quick look at the newcomers.K-91 PT

The K-91 PT is the first Soviet promotional tank destroyer, but at first glance, the fate of Ob. 777 – lack of demand in the random. The firepower is mediocre, although the booking has been upgraded, it is not perfect. On the positive side – excellent mobility and good visibility (raised to 390 meters).TTX K-91-PT

First of all, the car should be appreciated by fans of Object 268/4, since in its gameplay it is close to this branch. The role of assault vehicles will be difficult to perform, but as a mobile support, it will be able to realize its potential quite well in battle.

The small one-time damage is depressing, since it is not easy to implement DPM at close range in urban conditions, there they often play just from the alpha.

The German Kunze Panzer medium tank looks a little more interesting, since it was given the hydropneumatic suspension mechanics that the high-tier STs of Sweden and the Japanese STB-1 already have. But if the suspension is automatically activated for the listed vehicles, then on the new German you will have to press a special button, like on Swedish tank destroyers, to change the mode.Kunze-panzerOf course, the performance characteristics in the siege and marching modes are significantly different, which causes certain inconveniences. Moreover, it cannot be said that the vehicle is exclusively a support tank at medium and long range. The suspension works very interesting here.TTX Kunze Panzer

IN siege regime:

  • better accuracy, aiming time and elevation angles;
  • the dynamics, mobility, stabilization of the gun deteriorate, the reload time is longer (respectively, lower DPM).

Accordingly, in travel mode:

  • worse accuracy and longer mixing;
  • but excellent stabilization, good mobility and high damage per minute, which allows you to disassemble many opponents at close range simply by DPM.

Kunze Panzer definitely deserves attention, but not everyone can unleash its potential, since you need to find the perfect balance between using siege and marching modes. So for such an unusual mechanics, he can be forgiven for an awkward appearance.

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