• May 29, 2022

VERR VMX NO VMX VirtualBox error: causes and solutions

After some updates to Windows 10, possibly Windows 11, problems start to start VirtualBox. So one of the recent updates provoked the massive appearance of the VERR_VMX_NO_VMX code. It blocks the launch of the virtual machine and all virtual systems in it. Fortunately, the reasons and several ways of correction have already been found on foreign thematic forums. We have kindly collected them for you.

Why does the VERR VMX NO VMX error appear?

This error code is almost always associated with Hyper-V. Microsoft developers have made it so that Windows 10 update can independently enable this option. It starts to conflict with other virtualization tools and an error appears. There may also be confusion, many people confuse stopping the component and disabling it, that is, after restarting the computer, Hyper-V can be started again. Including other protection components that use this technology in one way or another.

In more rare cases, the problem can be disabled virtualization in the BIOS, as well as active isolation of the Windows 10 kernel.

How do I fix the error?

To effectively deal with this type of error, there are not many procedures that need to be performed. First, make sure Hyper-V is not active and has not been enabled after the upgrade. Second, you should try disabling the DeviceGuard or CredentialGuard variables. Finally, you can proceed to checking other settings.

First things to do:

  • Disable Hyper-V services… This can be done manually through the “Control Panel”, but the faster way is through the command line. Previously, you should use the command bcdedit and see the state hypervisorlaunchtype… If the console says auto, then this is the problem. Introduce dism.exe / Online / Disable-Feature: Microsoft-Hyper-V and dism.exe / Online / Disable-Feature: Microsoft-Hyper-V


  • Disable the DeviceGuard and CredentialGuard componentsthat use Hyper-V, they can also affect the startup options of the virtual environment. To do this, launch the Group Policy Editor and then navigate to: Local Computer Policy> Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> System> Device Protection> Enable Virtualization Based Security. We set the parameter “Disabled”. Next, we use the following series of commands. It is only important to check that X is an unused drive letter, otherwise it needs to be changed. After completing them, you need to confirm disabling DeviceGuard and CredentialGuard.

mountvol X: / s

copy% WINDIR% System32 SecConfig.efi X: EFI Microsoft Boot SecConfig.efi / Y

bcdedit / create {0cb3b571-2f2e-4343-a879-d86a476d7215} / d “DebugTool” / application osloader

bcdedit / set {0cb3b571-2f2e-4343-a879-d86a476d7215} path “ EFI Microsoft Boot SecConfig.efi”

bcdedit / set {bootmgr} bootsequence {0cb3b571-2f2e-4343-a879-d86a476d7215}

bcdedit / set {0cb3b571-2f2e-4343-a879-d86a476d7215} loadoptions DISABLE-LSA-ISO, DISABLE-VBS

bcdedit / set {0cb3b571-2f2e-4343-a879-d86a476d7215} device partition = X:

mountvol X: / d

Additional solutions:

  • Disable Windows Fast Startup. This is easy to do in the “Control Panel” – “Power supply” – “Selecting the action of the power buttons” – “Power on options” and “Disable Fast Startup”.
  • Deactivate kernel isolation… It is necessary in the “Settings” in “Update and Security” to click on the button “Windows Defender Security Center” in the first tab. Next, expand the menu, click on “Device Security” and click on the “Kernel Isolation Details” item. In the “Memory integrity” block, move the slider to the inactive position.


  • Check virtualization activity in BIOS… Usually found in the BIOS Security tab. You need to activate Intel VTT, Intel VT-d, or AMD Thinkpad V.

Some of the above measures should work and save you from the VERR_VMX_NO_VMX error. We hope this is exactly what happened, but we want to know the real effectiveness of the methods, so we ask you to write about it in the comments. The more detailed the description of your problem and the procedures performed, the more useful the material will be to other readers.

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