• February 20, 2024

Voting for the promotional branch of vehicles in August in World of Tanks

It depends only on the players which branch will receive discounts and special combat missions for accelerated pumping next month.



Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and on the agenda of the July vote for the first promotional branch of August of the “Fight!” By tradition, the developers give us three options, this time we have to choose between light tanks:

  • Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
  • XM551 Sheridan
  • WZ-132-1

We offer a brief overview of the proposed branches in order to participate in the vote. Let’s see how relevant they are in randomness in 2020.

WZ-132-1 branch overview


Chinese LT with WZ-132-1 have three key advantages over their classmates:

  • high armor penetration;
  • large one-time damage;
  • strong tower.

In this regard, the top tanks are more like an understatement. They pay for the booking with poor mobility. The WZ-132-1 has the lowest power density among the LT 10, while stealth is one of the worst, and the visibility is mediocre. Moreover, it has a very long reload time and mediocre gun stabilization.

In general, the branch is irrelevant, because the Soviet T-100 LT much better and more versatile, which is why the WZ-132-1 is one of the most unpopular “ten”.

Overview of the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen branch

Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

German LT led by Rheinmetall Panzerwagen have in their composition several interesting models, but at the same time it is immediately worth noting significant disadvantages:

  • cardboard armor, and therefore high vulnerability to land mines and frequent criticality of modules and contusion of the crew;
  • overloading of the commander (own specialty + radio operator + loader). In this case, the role of the loader is also shared by the gunner.

At the moment, the top branch of German LT has lowest average damage per battle and worst win percentage on RU server… There are more suitable tanks for active lighting, others are much better at coping with passive, therefore Rheinmetall Panzerwagen difficult to find your place on the battlefield.

At the same time, German intelligence officers have great cars at 8 and 9 levels:

  • Spähpanzer Ru 251 has excellent dynamics, good weapon and good concealment. In many ways it resembles the good old “Ruska” before the introduction of LT level 10;
  • HWK 12 boasts excellent visibility for its level of 410 meters + good stealth, excellent parameters of the gun are also worth noting.

In this situation, I do not recommend downloading level 10, it is better to stay on one of the previous cars.

XM551 Sheridan branch overview

XM551 Sheridan

American LT headed by XM551 Sheridan, a rather ambiguous thread. If earlier T37 and M41 Walker Bulldog, then in patch 0.9.18, their firepower was significantly reduced, and the bulldog was deprived of an awesome drum. Common disadvantage of the branch is mediocre accuracy and large dimensions, which entails a low coefficient of stealth. All this somewhat reduces the effectiveness of intelligence, but there is also positive moment – high viewing radius.

Noteworthy in this thread is such a controversial tank as T49… A very fun machine with a 152 mm high explosive, on which in one battle you can easily throw 3-4 thousand damage, all the shells will fly at the target, and in the next battle the FBG will be against and you will go to the Hangar with 0 hits and a chair burned out under you (it is better to pass T49 on a stock gun).

Among all 10 levels presented in the vote, only XM551 Sheridan relevant in random and Ranked Battles. There are not enough stars from the sky, inferior to the T-100 LT and both French, but you can play due to the high DPM, comfortable UVN and very fast aiming.

Link to vote on the official World of Tanks forum.

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