• December 1, 2023

We open 50 boxes (special power units) in WoT. Should you buy?

We got a new T77 premier tank, tried to restart the awards. We show everything in detail in the video.

special power unit

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and our team decided to test new boxes in World of Tanks. We tried to open on different servers, from different accounts, so we have an unbiased opinion and our own experience, which we will share in this article. We will also consider the main issues.

Which boxes are better to buywhich boxes to buy

If you are not lazy, then it is best to buy one box at a time, since it comes with 1 key for playing the Waffenträger auf E 110 for the Engineer. The mode is fun and in this case gives more silver, and the styles from the collection are cooler. Therefore, I definitely recommend trying to play.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with our guide on the “Last Waffentrager” mode

We suggest that you immediately familiarize yourself with all possible loot from the “Spetsenergoblocks”:contents of special power units

We got T77 out of the boxes

Let’s start with the fun part – the new premium American T77 heavy weight. It dropped from the very first box, but here we bought in sets of 10. Also in the second half of the video, another IS-6 tank was dropped.

Second try. Mix of boxes

This time, it was less lucky, judging by the loot, and we bought boxes as follows:

  • 5 pieces one by one;
  • set of 5 pieces;
  • set of 10 pieces.

Only HWK 30 and many dismantling kits fell out of the technology. Changing the loot didn’t really help, but more on that in the next paragraph.

Is it worth restarting special power units?

In the next video, starting from the 6th attempt, we tried to reroll the rewards. Alas, this did not bring much success, rather, they just spent the gold they received anywhere.… From an economic point of view, this is generally unprofitable (if there is no free gold from the clan movement, etc.). 100 units of gold is half the cost of the box. Therefore, it is more profitable to buy a new box than to throw out the gold.

There were also separately other attempts to restart (not recorded on the video) up to the 3rd attempt (out of curiosity). Sometimes they gave the same loot that they wanted to change. In other cases, they gave the same thing, but in larger quantities.

Is there a twist?

Rumors are different, you can argue about this endlessly. But many people notice that those who rarely played or donated little to the game are lucky. It was these players who took out premium tanks from several boxes. But you can notice that on the 3rd video, educational materials are normally given, while the author of the 2nd video was literally inundated with dismantling kits.

Should you buy new boxes?

Special energy blocks are 2 times cheaper than New Year’s boxes. But the loot here is not impressive either. I (the author of 2 videos) hoped to get free gold if a repetition of tanks fell out (I have half of the equipment from the list in my Hangar, some of which I took for a referral program or exchanged via Trade-in). But, as you can see, neither in the video, nor later (10 more boxes), nothing good fell out, except for HWK 30, which I did not have.

For curiosity, you can take a few pieces, maybe you’re lucky. And play in the new mode as the Engineer. But I don’t recommend investing heavily, it’s better to save money for Christmas boxes, they are much more useful and the tanks are more interesting there.

Write in the comments what happened to you?

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