• July 5, 2022

What are the GTA developers silent about?

Rockstars have never expressed their stance on violence or other criticism in-game. We share with you how and why this happens, as well as what it leads to.


The Grand Theft Auto series has never shied away from controversy and rough edges. This has caused and is causing a lot of discussions around the content and plot of the game. It doesn’t matter if they are related to “night butterflies” or interactive scenes of violence, as the developers have always known how to spark social discussion. Whereas previous games (from GTA III to San Andreas) had heavy storylines in which problems of using illegal substances were raised, in recent games affected deeper topics such as immigration and government issues

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While the community has always welcomed the attention and discussion of these issues from the developers, the game usually does not offer any arguments for or against the positions of the opposing forces… These topics are included as confirmation of the existence of controversial aspects of life, but in most cases the developers leave them for discussion among the players, and do not express their position themselves.

There are many ways in which Rockstars could provide a personal point of view, for example, discussion between characters of questionable events and ongoing actions… It also provides some interesting dialogue dynamics for the heroes. Instead, the story simply includes these themes and characters that stand on both sides of the conflict. One side protects itself, while the other simply ignores what is happening.

Grand Theft Auto violence

In addition to high political topics in the GTA, there are still many controversial issues related to violence… Despite the fact that all parts of the series are dedicated to criminals and have a high age limit, critics and the community still want to see some certainty from the developers. Violence in the game should be condemned, either on behalf of the story characters, or through informational inserts from the developers.

Grand Theft Auto Antonia Bottino

Take-Two themselves, the owner of Rockstars, are also not very tactful in the real world. For example, the scandal related to the daughter of the former mafioso Karen Gravano. They veiledly insulted the woman, emphasizing her overweight, in response to her claims. Because of this position in communication it is unrealistic to find their position on controversial issues in the official media of developers


There is no definite answer to why neither Take-Two nor Rockstars have yet issued an official position regarding violence in their game. Critics believe that the company is simply afraid of losing its fans, because most gamers love GTA precisely because of the endless gameplay possibilities in the game as a bandit.

The neutrality of the company can be understood, especially in political matters, but it would be more interesting to see how the main characters express their opinions on various acute social issues.

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