• February 21, 2024

what awaits us this year?

On the agenda is the question that interests many players now: “What premium tanks will be in New Year’s boxes and is it worth buying?”

When will the Christmas boxes appear?

New Year’s boxes will appear with the beginning Offensive 2020, which should be expected already on December 12 or 13.

How much do WoT Christmas boxes cost?

The price of New Year’s boxes in WoT 2020 remains unchanged from year to year

1 piece: 110 rubles.

5 pieces: 499 rubles.

20 pieces: 1799 rubles.

45 pieces: 3599 rubles.


Let’s start with the fact that the “New Year’s Offensive” campaign itself has become a tradition since 2016, when we dressed up “Tankovik”. The so-called “New Year’s boxes” appeared for the first time next year. Each time, the area that had to be dressed up for a festive mood increased, which prompted players to purchase boxes with loot. For example, last year we decorated not only a Christmas tree and a snow sculpture, but the entire yard with a field kitchen.

When is the best time to open Christmas boxes?

The best moment to open the holiday loot boxes is the first day of the sale. After all, even if you are not lucky enough to pull out the prem tank, it will already begin New Year’s calendar of tanks, where for the gold dropped out of the boxes it will probably already be possible to purchase a premium tank. Slots will be updated every day, so in order not to miss an interesting option, we recommend that you do not delay opening the NG boxes.

What will be in the Christmas boxes?

From 2017 to 2019, the contents of the boxes expanded, so it became more difficult to get the desired reward and had to buy more loot boxes:

  • new Year decoration;
  • days of premium account;
  • silver;
  • gold;
  • crew member;
  • prem tanks;
  • 3D styles.

What premium tanks can we expect in the New Year’s WoT 2020 boxes?

Now we will try to answer the most important question. We draw your attention to the fact that in 3 years, tanks from loot boxes have never been repeated.

The only exception to the Rheinmetall Skorpion G is that it was in the kits every year.

Now let’s take a look at the list of equipment that can be excluded from options this year:

You can also exclude all vehicles that are available for purchase for gold inside the game client

Having significantly reduced the list, we can now assume which tanks will be in WOT 2020 loot boxes:

  1. The Italian CT Progetto M35 mod 46 is more than likely to be shoved into boxes. It is now one of the most imposing premiums, it has a mechanism for reloading projectiles, which allows you to get a lot of damage. It is noteworthy that during the Black Friday sale it was removed from the sale on the very first day “for technical reasons”.
  2. The French wheeled LT Panhard EBR 75 FL 10 since the marathon has NEVER been sold in the RU region (the same was the case last year with the IS-3 from the MZ, which has never been sold since the up). At the same time, the premium wheeled vehicle has already been on public sale in Europe 2 times. In addition, there have never been light tanks in NG boxes, why not appear this year?
  3. The French TT FCM 50 t may well continue the tradition of including vehicles with a preferential level of battles in boxes, which were taken out of sale (although it also appeared on the Black Market).
  4. Among the 7 levels, we can see the M56 Scorpion tank destroyer, which was removed from the store in the game client this year.
  5. There are also options at level 5 that deserve attention: Kpfw. V / IV, Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat and SU-85I
  6. It is unlikely, but nevertheless, there is a chance that a new two-gun Premier tank Object 703 Option II will be thrown into the boxes. This is if the developers decide to completely cut money for the boxes.

Whether the Rheinmetall Skorpion G will be added for the fourth time in a row remains a mystery.

New Year in WoT + gift tank

What do you think about the possible rewards in the New Year’s boxes? What tanks would you like to see there? Write in the comments!

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