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What characters will be added in Season 2 of Arcane?

League of Legends Top 10 Characters Possible to Appear in Season 2 of Arcane

The League of Legends game was released in 2009 and has attracted the attention of players for over 10 years. Their number has long exceeded 100 million, and when the community is so large, one original mob cannot be enough and the emergence of new projects related to the League of Legends universe is only a matter of time. Now it is not only a game, but also an animated series that has been in development for 6 years.

Arcane’s key characters are the sisters Wai and Jinxtrying to find each other after a long time. The series runs through several parallel storylines that show the social and political differences between Piltover and Lower town Zaun

Some of the expected characters were never shown, but several hints were given as to their possible appearance. Arcane has been renewed for a second season, which is not expected to be released until late 2022, and now we can really expect an expansion of the heroes involved.

Attention! This article contains spoilers for Season 1.


  • 10. Jeanne, Stormrage
  • 9. Ziggs, Hexchat Expert
  • 8. Blitzcrank, Great Steam Golem
  • 7. Zach, Secret Weapon
  • 6. Darius, Hand of Noxus
  • 5. Orianna, the Clockwork Lady
  • 4. Urgot, Dreadnought
  • 3. Twitch, Plague Rat
  • 2. Camilla, Shadow of Steel
  • 1. Warwick, Zaun’s Wrath Unleashed

10. Jeanne, Stormrage
Jeanne, Stormrage

Since ancient times, the spirit of the wind Jeanne guarded the area that later became Zaun, and always came in an hour of need. Some of the city’s residents became her followers, and after she prevented a catastrophe and saved thousands of lives, Jeanne became a real goddess… In the modern Lower City there are a lot of her followers, and she herself still supports all the weak and humiliated. The appearance of the goddess in the second season is an interesting twist and a welcome event for fans of this character.

9. Ziggs, Hexchat Expert
Ziggs, Hexchat Expert

Arcane has become the basis for a number of upcoming projects dedicated to disclosure of the yordle raceoccupying more and more importance in the life of Runeterra. These full of magic spirits, taking the form of fluffy eared short ones, also inhabit Piltover. Previously, Ziggs lived in the upper city, somehow gained recognition from the Academy, but later moved to Zaun, where his hands are no longer tied by security restrictions. Who loves to test his bombs Ziggs terrorizes the city and especially himbarons.

He is known to be on friendly terms with Jinx and would be curious to see her furry and explosive ally.

8. Blitzcrank, Great Steam Golem
Blitzcrank, Great Steam Golem

Considered nearly indestructible Blitzcrank – one of the steam golemscleaning Zaun from waste. But even his metal body and he was written off as faulty. But there was a man who picked up the broken golem and began to work on it, improving with a hextech… Arcane proved that this technology is capable of animating, and Blitzcrank has become practically a living being – he thinks and evolves on his own. Its appearance in the second season is very expected, because those who worked on the golem, improving it, were Victor

7. Zach, Secret Weapon
Zach, Secret Weapon

The series shows that the inhabitants of Zaun live in extremely difficult conditions – the city is saturated with poisonous materials, and their accumulation in a secluded place may unexpectedly turn out to be reasonable. So it appeared Zach – Sentient Slime From City Pipes… For a long time he lived with chemtek alchemists, who became his parents and taught him, making him understand what is right and what is not. When they die, pursued by the Himbaron, Zak vows to continue the good deed started by his parents.

He absorbs both good and bad, and who knows which side he might take in Season 2?

6. Darius, Hand of Noxus
Darius, Hand of Noxus

Despite the fact that the series takes place in Piltover and Zaun, it is mentioned influence of Noxus and heroes appear from there – an adviser Mel Medarda and her mother Ambessa, who is one of the military leaders. The second season is a great opportunity to show not only young Darius and the beginning of his career, but also his conflict with Singed. At this time, the mad chemist also works for Noxus, and with Darius he has a personal story concerning the daughter of the future Noxian general. This could be the basis for a small side plot branch.

5. Orianna, the Clockwork Lady
Orianna, the Clockwork Lady

One of the strongest magicians, Orianna is a dangerous weapon in the hands of experienced players. Once she was an ordinary living girl, the daughter of an inventor and a master mechanic. During her only visit to Zaun after the accident, she became terminally ill, and her father began replacing parts of her body with mechanismstrying to save her daughter. In a mechanical body, Orianna continued to live, but her personality faded, as did her father’s health.

Having received hextech crystal for a huge price, Orianna gave her living heart to her father and creator in order to save him in turn, and inserted a hextech one for herself. The second season could have covered this story and part of Orianna’s life before she becomes one of Piltover’s wonders.

4. Urgot, Dreadnought
Urgot, Dreadnought

Urgot could also become one of the branches of the plot of the second season, since Noxus was added to Arcane, and show their similarities to Piltover. Not so long ago, Urgot was High Executor of Noxus, but was betrayed by the empire and exiled to the Pit – a mine near Zaun. Here he was supposed to meet death, but found followers, much more power and their own territories.

Gradually it becomes the horror of the Lower City, and at some point begins to attack merchants from Piltover. For this he was again sent to prison. The appearance of Urgot will reveal a new side of Zaun.

3. Twitch, Plague Rat
Twitch, Plague Rat

Some moments in Arcane can only be understood by League of Legends fans who are familiar with the history of the characters. It is possible that Twitch’s origins were revealed at the start of the series. In one of the first episodes, there is a scene where Singed experiments with Blink and gives a dose to a regular rat.locked in a cage with a cat. The character’s history indicates that before he really was an ordinary Zaun rat, but over time he mutated.

Armed with a chemtech crossbow and committed to the destruction of humanity, Twitch could be a new character in Season 2, especially given the prerequisites for his appearance. In favor of the theory that it was Twitch that was shown, it is said that those who accepted the Blink purple eyes – as well as the intelligent rat on the official art.

2. Camilla, Shadow of Steel
Camilla, Shadow of Steel

One of the most significant characters in the history of Piltover and Zaun, Camilla is a heavily armed agent of House Ferros. Her body includes many hextech modifications, making her much stronger, more mobile and enduring, and her legs are turned into huge blades. In addition, Hextech prolongs her life – Camilla is about 80 years old. Arcane introduced fans to the peacekeepers who will now spend much more time in Lower City due to the events in it.

Camilla makes sure Zaun doesn’t get too strong and goes down there to deal with situations that could threaten Piltover. Many League of Legends fans have commented that Camilla’s absence in Season 1 is unfair – her job is to prevent the events that happened in it. Now she is one of the most anticipated heroes in the sequel.

1. Warwick, Zaun’s Wrath Unleashed
Warwick, Zaun's Wrath Unleashed

Warwick is one of the earliest League of Legends champions and received a rework in 2017. Now his story tells that he was once a Zaunian bandit who became a victim of Singed and turned into a chimera due to monstrous experiments on him. Now Warwick is a monster hunting criminals and his body is riddled with pipes pumping chemicals that give him more possibilities.

Arcane fans are sure that Warwick featured in the first three episodes, but in an unusual, human guise. There are theories that Wai and Jinx’s adoptive father – former gangster Vander – is Warwick before he was turned into a chemtech wolf. This is supported by an episode from episode 9, in which Vander’s suspended body is seen in Singed’s laboratory. Another suspicion of this lies in Warwick’s in-game phrases to Jinx (“You were there … let me forget”) and Wai (“Who taught you to fight?”).

The fate of Vander is interesting to many, and therefore fans expect him to appear in the second part of the series already in the guise of Warwick. Write in the comments how do you like the first season of Akein and which of the characters are you expecting in the next one?

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