• May 26, 2022

What does the Among Us plot hide? The main secret of the game

This game is considered to be a fun and uncomplicated online version of the Mafia, but it actually has a history. What is she talking about?

Among Us

Space travel, betrayal, murder and station maintenance. These are just a few of the exciting elements that make up Among Us. Gamers have given a second life to Innersloth’s 2018 game this year, and the world can’t stop talking about it. But what is the story behind the game?

Innersloth released the “Among Us” project for Android and iOS in July 2018, and it quickly hit Steam in August. The game was successful enough that the developers continued to work on it and release updates over the past two years. But Among Us, until recently, remained a little-known gem. Although the project quickly engages players in action, it does little to explain its history… Imagination can fill in some of the gaps, but in reality, players have details from which to compose a true, true story.

Players Among Us try on the roles of crew members aboard a spaceship, space base or alien planets. They have to carry out various tasks, acting as maintenance personnel your place of residence to ensure the safety and success of the mission.

Among Us

The game features a Skybase known as MIRA HQ. Thus, it can be assumed that the crew members work for an organization called MIRA. The spaceship, or The Skeld, is equipped with a variety of amenities that involve long-distance travel, such as a cafeteria. The third map, Polus, is a planet that appears to be the foreign destination of The Skeld when it is not on its way to MIRA HQ, as both she and MIRA maintain laboratories for teammate research. Among Us, there are fan theories that Polus opens the door to some kind of crossover canon with the previous game Innersloth, although so far this is only guesswork. The meanings of the three cards seem to bear a resemblance to the 1979 movie Alien, and the references don’t end there.

The presence of a weapon room on two Among Us maps hints that MIRA sees danger in their missions. Crew members discover that their space exploration efforts have been thwarted and lives are threatened by creatures known as Traitors (or Impostors). These monsters sabotage the crew members to take over the operation. If a crew member is alone in a room with a traitor, he risks paying for this life. Little is known about the Impostors, except that they are enemies of the MIRA staff. However, there is one interesting fact – the players who control the traitors have access to the vents, but the crew members do not. Then it can be assumed that traitors have the ability to change shape, as a result of which they become plastic or small enough to move through a narrow space. However, they have infiltrated the MIRA operation and are out for blood.

Among Us

When suspicion arises and a crew member finds a corpse or witnesses a crime, he has the option to call an emergency meeting. At this point, players can use in-game chat to report what has happened. Traitors, however, also take part in the conversation., and they can lie so skillfully that they need to be caught red-handed to be able to bring them to clean water. Have the impostors learned the language of the crew members, or are they parasitic monsters living in the brains of the unfortunate owners? Players must keep a close eye on any “suspicious” activityunless they want to accidentally send their real countrymen overboard.

While much of Among Us’s storyline is still in the air, players are hoping that Innersloth will bring more insight into the story with new updates. Since launching the game, character customization options have been added to it, such as hats and pets, although they don’t do much to advance the plot. Innersloth originally planned to release a sequel to Among Us, but have since dropped the idea and decided to add new features to the original game. As the current project already gives gamers an atmosphere similar to Alien and Thingundoubtedly we should expect more exciting content the game will bring to players in the future.

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