• December 1, 2023

What does the WoT secret event announcement mean? Revealing the meaning

Wargaming released an intriguing video that announced a new event with a premium tank.


Greetings, tankers! Wotpack with you and today we will try to figure out what the developers of World of Tanks have in mind, and what secret meaning they have put into the new video on their YouTube channel. You can familiarize yourself with it below if you haven’t seen it yet:

The video shows the new American T42 Premium Medium Tank. And as you can see, it got its own 3D style. This is how it looks without customization:

First, let’s reveal the meaning of the phrase “Never meet your heroes“- this is a reference to the series” The boys “, which in Russian localization is translated as” Boys “.

poster boys
By the way, the music in the video from VG is also from this series.

If you’re wondering what Wargaming has to do with such TV series, let’s recall their collaboration with Amazon.… It is in cooperation with them that players receive Twitch Prime sets every month. VG have already done this, but with musical groups:

  • TL-1 LPC – The Offspring’s 3D Pretty Fly TankTL-1 LPC - The Offspring's Pretty Fly 3D Tank!
  • Primo Victoria in 2D style with Sabatonwot-world-of-tanks-primo-victoria-strv-81-sabaton-rok-gruppa

A lot of controversy has flared up on social networks and several theories have arisen, we will consider all of them today, and we will refute some of them.

  1. New marathon. Absolutely not, well, developers will not do 2 marathons in a row. Such a freebie is completely out of their style.
  2. But as an option, what will be style assignments, and the tank will go on sale separately, as was the case with the Czechoslovakian Škoda T 27 (two years ago).
  3. Black marketAbsolutely not, I don’t understand where this idea has so many supporters. The announcements of the Czech Republic are completely different. We have already written in more detail about why this event should not be expected this year, the developers plan to hold it consistently once a year.
  4. Gift for veterans… Haha, funny. For VG to present a new prem tank, and even with a 3D style, to millions of players. 100% no, as the veteran award this year will be the promotional (not premium!) light tank М24Е2 Super Chaffee.
  5. Halloween… This theory has the right to exist that the tank will be a reward for some regime, but before the holiday itself there is still a month and a halfso it’s too early for such a teaser.

And now we offer our theory and give a couple of reasons:

  1. The announcement of the event is scheduled for September 17… On the same day, Battle Pass Season 3 kicks off and the new Twitch Prime Pack is released. Moreover, not only the next Twitch package should come out, but Wargaming should also announce the extension of cooperation with Amazon.
  2. Last year, in honor of the collaboration between the companies, they released a premium Tier 7 heavy tank King Tiger (captured) with a unique 3D styling.

Therefore, it is most likely that this tank will follow the same path and will become an exclusive vehicle for owners of a Prime Gaming subscription or account (new name Twitch Prime). The T-44-100 has exactly the same distribution system. Or it will simply go on sale, but with advertising for the series and the Amazon service.

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