• August 10, 2022

What is an OXPS file and how to open it on Windows 10?

OXPS is a standardized version of the original XPS format. Many users cannot open files in the OXPS extension, and this is because the XPS Viewer program is not installed on their system.

Solution: Installing XPS Viewer

XPS Viewer can open OXPS files, but it is not preinstalled with other Windows software. Simply put, to open files of this extension, you need to install the XPS Viewer program on your computer. Before doing this, make sure your Internet connection is okay.

Launching XPS Viewer from standard Windows tools

Before installing XPS Viewer, it would be a good idea to check if this program is installed on your computer. It also happens that it is installed, but the OXPS files still do not open. So, do the following:

  • click on the Win button to open the Start menu;
  • go down to the very bottom and open the “Standard – Windows” section;
  • find XPS Viewer in the list and click on it with LMB;
  • try opening the file you want directly through the XPS Viewer.

If the XPS Viewer cannot cope with the task at hand, i.e. open the OXSP file on your PC, then make Microsoft Edge your default browser and try again. Some users claim that doing this solved their problem with opening OXSP files.

Installing XPS Viewer via add-ons

  • Press Win + I to open System Options;
  • go to the section “Applications” and click LMB on the item “Additional components”;
  • click on the “Add component” option (plus sign);
  • select “XPS Viewer” and click “Install”;
  • wait for the installation to finish and restart your computer.

If everything went well, you should now be able to open the OXPS files without any problems. If the above steps failed to install the XPS reader, then try the methods below.

Installing XPS Viewer via DISM Command

  • Press Win + R to bring up the “Run” window;
  • write cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter;
  • run the command dism / Online / Add-Capability /CapabilityName:XPS.Viewer~~~~;
  • wait for the process to complete and restart your computer.

Installing XPS Viewer via PowerShell

  • Press Win + R;
  • write powershell and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter;
  • run the command Get-WindowsCapability -Online |? {$ _. Name -like “* XPS *” -and $ _. State -eq “NotPresent”} | Add-WindowsCapability -Online;
  • wait for the installation process to complete and restart your PC;
  • launch XPS Viewer from the Start menu and open the required OXPS file.

Alternatively, you can try opening the OXPS file with Microsoft Word or Excel. If this does not work, then we recommend that you turn to third-party readers for help. You can also resort to converting OXPS files to other extensions. Good luck!

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