• September 24, 2023

what is causing the error and how to fix it

Error code NW-31295-0 occurs when using the PS4 console’s network capabilities: from playing multiplayer to watching video streaming services. PS4 owners note that after the error appears, the console is no longer able to connect to the desired Wi-Fi network. The following message is attached to the error itself:

Failed to connect to Wi-Fi network.
The Wi-Fi signal may be too weak.

It is worth noting that for some PS4 users this error appears at all during the initial connection to Wi-Fi.

Reasons for the appearance of NW-31295-0 and its solution


NW-31295-0 may appear on PS4 due to problems with assigning IP addresses to devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. A working router may have assigned your PS4 the same IP that is used by some other gadget, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This situation can be corrected in two ways: “completely” restart the router or manually set the IP address in the PS4 settings.

A complete restart of the router means disconnecting it from the mains for 5-7 minutes. In theory, such a procedure should reset the issued IP addresses for devices on the Wi-Fi network, which will fix problems with connecting to Wi-Fi on your PS4. If after restarting the router nothing has changed, then you can try to set a new IP address on the console yourself.

  • Open your PS4 settings;
  • go to “Network” → “Check connection status”;
  • write down the given IP address of your console (we will need it later);
  • go back and select “Establish an Internet connection”;
  • select the options “Use Wi-Fi” → “Special”;
  • then select the default parameters until you get to the window with the IP address;
  • set a slightly different IP address and move further through the network connection settings, choosing the standard parameters;

The note: It is enough to change the last digits of the old IP address. For example, if the address was specified, then it must be changed to or The main thing is that it should not match the IP address that was assigned to another device on the wireless Wi-Fi network.

  • connect to your wifi using a password (if you use one, of course).

In most cases, this method will help you get rid of error NW-31295-0, but you may need something else.

Additional Solution Methods NW-31295-0

If the above method did not work, we recommend using a number of auxiliary solutions:

  • The problems are on the side of SONY. In some cases, the error in question may appear as a result of problems that have arisen on the side of SONY itself. Go to PSN Services Status Pageto check if this is really the case.
  • Relocation of the router. Perhaps the error message is right – the signal from your Wi-Fi is really weak. Move your router to a different location, clear a path from it to the console. When finished with the swap, check for an error.
  • Change of DNS addresses. Not all ISPs are friendly with one or another DNS. Change the DNS addresses in your console settings (steps ↑). Any public DNS addresses can be selected.
  • Restore PS4 settings to default. Console software malfunction is another possible cause of PS4 Wi-Fi issues. To return your PS4 to factory settings, you need to go to Settings → Initialization and select Restore to Defaults, then follow the instructions on the screen.

And perhaps this is all that can be recommended for solving the error NW-31295-0 on PS4.

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