• December 1, 2023

What is DeepMind Deep Learning? A short course on neural networks

DeepMind is called the modern field of machine learning. Its peculiarity is the ability to form its own neural networks to make the right decisions. They are even more reliable than human ones. Technology Deepmind includes a ton of related areas, including NLP natural language processing, cognitive computing, recommendation function, picture recognition, and more.

Google previously absorbed DeepMind, since then deep learning has become the most advanced neural network with flexible learning capabilities. It would be appropriate to look at the history behind the AI ​​engine, the real areas of its use and the possible privacy risks in smart devices with this technology.

What is DeepMind Deep Learning?

DeepMind is a neural network that uses reinforcement learning. Artificial intelligence creates algorithms that replicate human thought processes. This includes a couple of areas: systems neuroscience and machine learning, which are driving the development of more powerful AI.

Here are some examples of deep learning implementation: WaveNet speech simulation service in Google Assistant, Play Store recommendation service, healthcare apps. This includes a lot of other projects, the number of which will only grow.

DeepMind was founded in the UK in 2019. His first notoriety was earned by the AlphaGo algorithm – a chess system that beat Li Sedol, the world champion, with a score of 4: 1. All this took place during the competition and was broadcast on television. The AlphaStar AI program was able to defeat the professional gamers of Starcraft II. All of this demonstrates that machines are becoming smarter than humans.

Google became interested in the technology and acquired the company for $ 520 million.

Data confidentiality

Despite the takeover of Alphabet Inc., DeepMind is positioned as an independent technology that is not controlled by Google. According to Mustafa Suleiman, one of the founders of DeepMind, deep learning extends to many applications such as patient data services.

Many users have noticed how Play Store accurately selects the applications of interest. The brain of this algorithm is DeepMind. Likewise, the Google Assistant easily recognizes a person’s voice. Deep Learning uses a technology called Convoluted Neural Networks (CNN). It is a sophisticated probability algorithm that improves the recognition and training accuracy of speech pattern identification systems. If a person has a difficult accent or grumbles a lot during a conversation, neural software will quickly detect this and adjust as needed.

Some of the innovative applications with deep learning technology are being used at Google’s wind farms in the central US region. The system can predict the amount of electricity generated 36 hours ahead. To build the result, predictive modeling, behavior analysis, meteorological data and much more are used.

The Future of DeepMind

Technology developers are now working to expand neural capabilities. Some of them stir up the mind. Here is one example of Causal Networks projects. It is based on machine algorithms for predicting fair treatment of the applicant. It employs counterfactual scenarios like changing photos to improve the chances of getting a job.

This is a revolutionary technology. If a person is once refused a job because of appearance (race, gender, age) or other unfair criteria, neural assessment will determine the fairness of the treatment.

DeepMind can also generate representations of neural scenes through the Generative Query Network (GQN). Its meaning lies in the repetition of a person’s thought process, which at the moment of reflection presents vivid details. The system will be able to capture them.

Be that as it may, artificial intelligence operates only with lines and contours. The GQN developers plan to improve the presentation of information and adjust it in accordance with the elements visible through the camera. Already, artificial intelligence can not only win chess, but also outsmart people.


DeepMind is the most prolific artificial intelligence technology that is quietly changing the world around us. There are a number of other similar technologies today, like Wolfram Alpha or AutoML, but DeepMind is the only one in the big league and has had phenomenal success in recent years.

What are mouse thoughts on DeepMind’s deep learning? You can share your views in the comments.

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