• December 5, 2023

What is the best branch to upgrade in November? The last action “Fight!” in 2020

Review of promotional branches, choose the best one for random and LBZ, which is worth pumping this month.

WoT into battle

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and a review of the action “To battle!” It is quite difficult to pump out all three branches this month, so it is necessary to decide which of the proposed 10-current options at the end of painstaking work condemns more attention. The event will last until December 1, so it is worth starting pumping today, this time the developers offer to the attention of all players who took part in the vote or not a branch headed by an anti-tank self-propelled artillery installation of a breakthrough, namely:

And also under the rank of the most demanded tanks for pumping in November were:

Third place

The well-known Maus, which every seasoned gamer probably has in the hangar, can now be quickly pumped by beginners. They have probably been waiting for such a moment for a long time and now the developers have provided an opportunity, “Mouse”, as the tank is affectionately called by the players, has a good weapon, German precision makes the game a real pleasure. The armor is also excellent, compared to the E100, this tank has a completely different turret structure, so throw on the cheeks “gold” it gets much harder.

MausNLD of a peculiar type, this part compact, attempts of rivals to hit it from a long distance lead to the fact that the projectile often hits the harp, and the hit points remain unaffected.

There are very few disadvantages, but they significantly affect its gameplay:

  • low turret traverse speed
  • large dimensions
  • weak dynamics

Therefore, Mouse becomes a priority target for SPGs and suffers greatly on open maps if he focuses 2-3 arts.

On the way to the coveted 10-ke there is an excellent 8-ka, on which you can practice well tanking, this is VK 100.01 (P), it is visually very similar to the Maus. Getting in TOP, you can push through any directions, having enlisted the support of allies, a very noticeable command tower does not always break through with a low caliber and is quite richet-like because of its structure.

Second place

Tank destroyer breakthrough Object 268 Option 4 was so imbovy, that they even decided to nerf her a little, the beginners simply avoided meeting her. It will not be difficult for experienced players to break through this war machine, but it is very good. SU 100M1, SU 101 and Ob. 263 must be completed only because at level 10 everyone is waiting for a tough and imperturbable tank destroyer with damage of 650 units, “Gold” with an indicator in 360 mm penetration and excellent booking.

Object 268 Option 4

Looking at the NLD, you can simply not notice it right away, but get into a thin strip of metal will be very problematic, especially from afar. The projectile flies fast enough, and the maximum speed is 50 km / h quite enough to quickly take a key position before most of the TT and start intimidating the opponent with your power. The first place rightfully belongs to Object 268 Option 4, you simply won’t want to stand in the bushes with such opportunities, and you can get maximum pleasure from playing at close range.

First place

The heavy tank of the Polish branch of the 10th level appeared in the game not so long ago, but about its vulnerable mechanical water cabin over the VLD has long been known to everyone. It is not even necessary to target the NLD, which is why the tank is doomed to be often tanked with a turret, otherwise even all attempts to become a diamond will be in vain. The one-time damage of the gun is impressive, it amounts to 750 units, but the penetration of the main 250mm round raises a lot of questions.

60 TP Lewandowskiego

Players on this battle machine will not be able to feel comfortable in randomness without “gold”, and this will lead to a large waste of silver. Or you can charge penetrating landminesthat many players do in Ranked Battles.

The disadvantages also include:

  • low mobility
  • permanent crew crits
  • poor board booking

It is impossible not to note the peculiar sunken cheeks on the towerif you turn it to the side at least a few degrees, the opponent will certainly consider this place as an excellent target. To play on a combat unit, you need a lot of patience and a lot of battles, only then it will be possible to achieve maximum results and not let down the team, which has high hopes for the TT 60 TP Lewandowskiego.

Not the best choice for LBZ, but great for RB or just fun rides in random.

It will be most confident to behave at low levels, 6-ka 40TP Habicha in comparison with other TTs of the same level has one-time damage 240 units, although the performance of other tanks fluctuates around 150 units… 45TP Habicha has 320, which is also quite good numbers for gameplay at level 7.


The developers this time offered very good options for fast pumping until the end of November, TT is enough important in any team… And with such a breakthrough tank destroyer, you can be of great benefit to your allies if you play it correctly and don’t go far behind their lines. Naturally, it will take a lot of time to implement the pumping, but without additional shares this task would become more difficult. It would be foolish not to take advantage of such opportunities, but before deciding on the technique, you should think well and weigh the pros and cons.

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