• July 5, 2022

what is this error and how to fix it

CE-30608-7 is a PS4 hardware error that occurs as a result of a breakdown of internal components of the console or incorrect operation of its software (firmware). The error is extremely rare, and there is not so much useful information about it on the net, unfortunately. Nevertheless, there are still a couple of methods that, in theory, can help the owner of the console in this difficult situation.

How to fix error CE-30608-7 on PS4


Solution # 1 Restart PS4

The first and most effective solution is to reboot the PlayStation 4. Hopefully, you just ran into a small bug in the console’s firmware, which is solved by an elementary reboot of the device.

Solution # 2 Initializing PS4

Unfortunately, in some cases, one reboot is not enough – you may need to deal with the full initialization of the PS4 software (firmware). Such a process is started exclusively from safe mode – here’s what you need to do:

  • turn off your PS4 completely;
  • connect a gamepad to the console using a USB cable (nothing will work without it!);
  • hold down the power button on the console body and hold it until you hear the second (!) beep;
  • select “Initialize PS4 System” → “Initialize PS4” using the gamepad;
  • wait for the process to finish.

If the problem was with the firmware, the CE-30608-7 error will almost certainly go away. Nothing changed? Unfortunately, something terrible happened to your PS4: one of its internal components went out of order. We recommend that you contact your nearest service center.

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