• December 1, 2023

What kind of tanks to pump to win? Level 8 Continued

Top tanks in WoT with the best win rate in 2019. A technique that really can make a decisive contribution to the outcome of a battle.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we will figure out why these tanks win the most.

10th place

The heavy tank Emil I is the first to provide its class in the Swedish development tree. One of the few belts with a shell loading drum. Quite good one-time damage with acceptable armor penetration, they allow discharging the drum into three shells to inflict about 1080 damage. A strong forehead tower and comfortable UVN provide an opportunity to play confidently from the terrain. Separately, it is worth noting the good dynamics of Emil I, thanks to which he can not only quickly take a key position, but also support the breakthrough of the allied ST. Skillful use of the vehicle will be the key to victory, so it is worth remembering about the weak armor of the hull, long mixing and taking into account the long reloading time.

Wins 50.88%

9th place

The German light tank HWK 12 is one of the best in its branch. In terms of performance characteristics, it is a completely improved version of its predecessor SP IC:

  • increased visibility;
  • improved dynamics:
  • more powerful weapon.

The increased armor penetration and rate of fire provide a decent DP. Excellent accuracy and comfortable UVN help to implement damage, allowing you to play on any terrain.

Good power density allows you to quickly pick up top speed. However, it is always worth remembering about cardboard armor and a small mass, so you need to avoid rams (even French classmates take less damage in a collision).

Wins 50.89%

8th place

The heavy Polish tank 53TP Markowskiego in its gameplay is a bit like the American classmate T32: there is no hull armor, but there is a strong turret and good UVN. Therefore, 53TP plays well on hilly terrain, but in urban conditions you have to hide the body behind stones or walls of dilapidated buildings. At the same time, he can boast of good dynamics, so if he tries to focus the art, it’s not a problem for him to roll into cover or change position. The Polish heavy stands out in the stock with its rate of fire and good armor penetration, which allows it to influence the outcome in the first battles.

Wins 50.95%

7th place

The British heavy tank Caernarvon, thanks to its accurate and penetrating gun (just like that of the British Tier 9 CT), can demonstrate excellent results when firing at medium and long distances. By sticking to the role of a support tank, avoiding melee, you can save more hit points if you do not expose the enemy to a weakly armored hull. In addition, there is an ammunition rack in the forehead, so it’s better not to risk it again. In terms of mobility, it can be compared with some STs, while its VLD is well protected. The main thing is to learn to play from a small alpha, using other strong

Wins: 51.02%

6th place

The American self-propelled artillery unit M40 / 43, like its predecessors, stands out for its high firepower, combining it with excellent mobility while maintaining a low silhouette.

She is not only the leader in the percentage of victories among SPGs, but is also included in the TOP 10 of the most popular Tier 8 tanks.

Being the fastest artillery and at the same time possessing the best UGN, the M40 / 43 can control a large area, if necessary, quickly move to a position more convenient for shelling. The top gun has high armor penetration, but it pays for it with a long reload time. Considering the wide spread when turning the body and the mediocre accuracy, it is better to wait for full information.

Victory 51.2

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