• February 22, 2024

What kind of tanks to pump to win? Level 8 Part 3

Top tanks in WoT with the best win rate in 2019. A technique that really can make a decisive contribution to the outcome of a battle.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we continue to understand why these tanks are the most victorious.

15th place

The British tank destroyer AT 15 is a rather extraordinary and controversial vehicle that will suit only fans of its original gameplay. It features strong armor not only of the forehead, but also of the stern and sides, therefore, in the top of the list, it can confidently push through enemy positions in urban conditions.

The lack of armor penetration and weak one-time damage are compensated for by a high rate of fire, quick aiming and excellent accuracy, so at close range the DPM will be decent. However, realizing its potential is difficult due to the art’s focus, poor mobility and a large “bucket” on the head, which negates all frontal armor.

Wins 50.01%

14th place

The American M26 Pershing medium tank is not the easiest tank to learn. It is worth noting right away that the M26 on gold can even penetrate the heavies head-on, and at the same time it will not always penetrate even classmates on basic shells. Therefore, first of all, the result on this tank is done by extras who do not spare premium shells.

As for the rest, Pershing has a wide field of view and comfortable UVN, which allows sniping while standing in the bushes or behind the backs of allies. It is played only from the second line, because the silhouette is large and difficult to miss, and the armor is too weak to rely on.

Wins 50.04%

13th place

German tank destroyer “Borsch” aka Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger, which ranks 2nd in popularity among single-tier vehicles. It has an outstanding camouflage and full rotation turret, so it can guide the enemy in the sight without losing the effect of the stereo tube and camouflage net. He has two weapons to choose from, and most of the players remain on a more stable stock one, because he has higher armor penetration with the basic shell. Accordingly, RHM from the very beginning is able to radically influence the outcome of a fight. The top gun has some worse indicators:

  • accuracy;
  • information time;
  • rate of fire;
  • penetration of the basic shell.

But it has significantly more one-time damage and higher penetration on gold shells. Actually, here the situation is a bit similar with Pershing – fan and bend over for gold (and without a premium account you can’t really overclock). Due to the absolutely cardboard armor, you need to play extremely carefully, because any land mine will enter with full damage.

Wins 50.18%

12th place

The Italian P.44 Pantera medium tank is the first representative of its branch with a unique magazine reloading mechanism. In stock, the Italian Panther is very mediocre and has little to distinguish itself in battle, which affected its position in the ranking, because when moving to the top, you have to rely more on allies than on your own strength. Truly, the technique is revealed in a top-end configuration with an accurate gun and a magazine for 3 shells, which makes it possible to “halve” almost any single-tier vehicle.

At the top of the list, there is enough turret armor to tank levels 6-7, and sometimes even “eights”. At the same time, it has good UVR, which allows using the features of the relief. Although the P.44 Pantera is large in size, it boasts good dynamics, and the view is sufficient to detect most opponents.

Wins 50.56%

11th place

The British tank destroyer Charioteer is distinguished by the fact that it represents a modernized version of the familiar Cromwell. It was from him that this bird inherited the chassis, and accordingly retained excellent mobility, which all other Tier 8 tank destroyers can envy. In addition to the fact that the car drives very briskly, it has an effective weapon at its disposal:

  • punchy;
  • with good accuracy;
  • basic projectile sabot with high flight speed;
  • HESH land mines can significantly upset equipment at a lower level.

With all this, the tower rotates 360 degrees, and the excellent depression angle of the gun allows you to shoot from positions with an advantage in height (many tanks have a thin turret and hull roof). There are two weak points to keep in mind when playing Charioteer:

  • there is no armor at all + a small margin of safety, so any mistake can become critical;
  • poor stabilization of the gun in motion, therefore it is advisable to stop and reduce before firing.

Wins 50.67%

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