• September 24, 2023

What tanks will be released in 2020 in WoT❓

The developers have already announced three branches of pumped vehicles and several award-winning “nines”, which at the moment look quite imposing.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack today we will tell you about a new technique that will appear in the game in 2020.

The developers assure us that they are constantly looking for new tanks and vehicle branches to add to the game. But they choose not just any, but only those that will give a “breath of fresh air” and make the gameplay more dynamic.

The first new branch at the beginning of the year will be Soviet two-gun heavy tanks. This is not an independent branch, but a sub-branch, the transition to which will be available from the KV-3 for about 65-70 thousand experience.

Already at the end of 2019, a new premier tank, Object 703 Option II, was released specifically for it, which so far can only be obtained from New Year’s boxes (we got it there, as part of the experiment we made a test purchase of 80 boxes of 20 types of each – a review and video of opening boxes on the site).

The pumped vehicle has already passed the final iteration of the supertest and is ready for release. Compared to the original version, the tanks have undergone the following changes.

The IS-2-II at level 8 in the stock version is very sad, so you have to be patient or have the freedom and gold to transfer to the top. Initially, he came out very weak, so he was up:

  • aiming time was accelerated to 2.4 seconds;
  • recharge 8.5 sec;
  • preparation of a salvo 2 sec;
  • time for changing guns 4 sec;
  • accuracy increased to 0.36;
  • as a result, the DPA grew from 1,277 to 2209 units.

The IS-3-II at level 9 was made more balanced, with some improvements:

  • salvo preparation accelerated to 2.5 seconds;
  • recharge blocking up to 4 seconds;
  • armoring of the hull forehead up to 145 mm and the turret forehead up to 280 mm;
  • engine power up to 780 hp, so the power-to-weight ratio has also increased.

But so that he did not imbue too much, the time for changing the guns was increased to 5 seconds.

ST-II at level 10 was also slightly balanced. Improved:

  • frontal armor of the turret 300 mm;
  • time for changing guns 5 sec;


  • increased reload time to 11.7 seconds;
  • changeover time up to 5 sec.

In general, the branch is distinguished by high firepower due to three options for firing, good dynamics, but weak armor of the hull (the turrets were upgraded, they became more reliable).

We have already prepared a guide on how to play two-gun tanks, in which we analyzed all the nuances of the gameplay and paid attention to the most important points (it will be necessary to set active keys in the game).

The next branch will be heavy tanks from Italy. They will inherit the mechanism for recharging the drum from the ST, so the branch will definitely turn out to be imba. In 2019, the top Italian medium tanks Progetto 65 entered our TOP 5 best tier 10 tanks, being one of the leaders in terms of average damage per battle and percentage of victories.

So far, the composition of the branch of the strands is not final, the developers are still working on a list of the most suitable equipment, studying archival drawings and documents, while in close contact with historians. In the last section, “Developers’ Answers,” they joked about this thread, saying that there would definitely not be two towers there 😊.

A third branch will be released, but it is kept secret for now. Earlier, the developers mentioned that they are working on other branches of wheeled vehicles: ST of Great Britain and tank destroyers of Japan. Perhaps we will receive one of them by the end of the year.

And next year, as rewards (it is not yet known exactly for what events), 3 tanks of level 9 have already passed the supertest:

  • Soviet TT Object 777 Variant II (once upon a time it should have reached level 10, but it was rebalanced to level 9);
  • Soviet TT Object 752 with a drum for 3 shells and a swinging turret similar to French tanks;
  • the French CT Projet 4-1 has a 4-round drum and a built-in consumable (belt) mechanic, so it will most likely become the new main reward for the Front Line.

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