• November 29, 2023

What tanks will become promotional after the release of the New Balance?

It is better to buy this technique now, because in the future it may become another lot on the Black Market or it will have to be earned in various events.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and we have prepared for you a review of 13 tanks, which the developers will remove from the upgrade branches and transfer them to the status of promotional ones.


You can read more about the changes here.

6 level

Soviet heavy tank KV-85… The top 122 mm gun with excellent armor penetration has the highest single damage among its classmates, which gives it a clear advantage in 1-1 duels. The main thing on it is to get used to poor accuracy and long reloading times. Hull armor is mediocre, but the tower has a ricochet shape. Also for the heavy class it has good dynamics and agility.

From Germany medium tank VK 30.01 (D), which can be called “German T-34-85” due to the similarity of performance characteristics. He has a comfortable weapon, which can be realized due to good mobility, if you take advantageous positions, and a high view will allow the first to spot the enemy. Its armor is mediocre, but the hull can sometimes catch ricochets, but the tower is too thin. It differs from its German classmates in the rear-mounted transmission.

American light tank T21 visually and slightly in terms of performance, it resembles a lightweight version of the T20 medium tank. He has good dynamics and maneuverability, but the maximum speed is too small. These are the consequences of large dimensions (long) and weight, but at the same time it can safely take any LT and ACS to ram. He has a low silhouette + comfortable UVN, so he can shoot / shine from the bushes with a mask net and “horns”.

American medium tank M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo… By ST standards, it has excellent frontal armor of the hull and stock turret; single-tier vehicles have almost no chance of penetrating it. It plays well from the relief during positional play, and convenient UVN help to inflict damage. But the payment for this was very poor mobility, so in battle it feels like a heavy one. For fun, you can play with a 105 mm bomber.

Tank destroyer Churchill gun carrier from the UK. Frankly speaking, it’s up to you to buy it out or not, because in terms of performance characteristics and statistics, it is one of the worst at its level. Is that to take for a collection, to once boast to friends that they found this “coffin on wheels” in the game. The only good thing he has is a penetrating cannon with good alpha, accuracy and mixing. But it is difficult to implement it:

  • no booking;
  • poor mobility;
  • no gun mask;
  • large dimensions and poor disguise.
  • very bad UGN;
  • low visibility.

British medium tank Sherman Firefly… The most important thing that this CT wins over is an excellent weapon:

  • high armor penetration allows you to pierce many strands in the forehead;
  • reduces quickly;
  • excellent accuracy;
  • high DPM;
  • large ammunition.

At the same time, it has good maneuverability, but a low maximum speed + large dimensions and weak booking. Overall, this is a good support tank from the second line.

7 level

Soviet medium tank KV-13, which now serves as a transition between ST and TT. Therefore, in terms of performance characteristics, too, a kind of hybrid of classes. He has good maneuverability, good maximum speed and dynamics + small size. Moreover, he has the best booking among classmates and a large margin of safety. But playing on it is a dubious pleasure due to a very weak weapon, almost the same for the T-34-85 Tier 6 tank. And the review lags far behind other ST 7.

American light tank T71 DA an interesting device that deserves the attention of LTvodov. Good driving performance is combined with a small size and high visibility, which allows it to provide both passive and active light. He can perform not only the role of a scout, but also a support tank:

  • it has a 6-round drum with fast reloading between shots (2 sec.) and general (20 sec.);
  • the cannon has good penetration (and on gold it is generally excellent);
  • you can install the vertical stabilizer;
  • good UVN.

The only thing is that the tank does not forgive mistakes and requires careful play.

Level 8

German tank destroyer Jagdpanther II a tactic that boils down to swift movement and ambush fire. Reservations are weak, tanking can only be done with a wheelhouse. An accurate gun with fast convergence and good penetration facilitates effective shooting at medium and long range, so as not to engage in close combat unnecessarily. It has good dynamics and maneuverability, so it is very difficult to “spin” this self-propelled gun.

9 level

French medium tank AMX 30 1er prototype Surprisingly, it is even more pleasant to play than the top branch. It has good dynamics and high top speed. Can play on the terrain due to the comfortable depression angles of the gun. Excellent accuracy, low silhouette and camouflage allow him to fire at long distances, so as not to expose the enemy to a weakly armored hull and turret.

Level 10

These tanks deserve the most attention, since they are most likely to become rewards or get into the Black Market. Two of them certainly needed an increase in characteristics, but it never came to that. Perhaps they will be uploaded after being transferred to promotions, when they decide how exactly players can get them.

Let’s start with the obsolete Soviet medium tank T-62A… It is armed with an accurate cannon with a high rate of fire and fast intelligence. His tower is strong, but UVN does not allow playing from the relief. In terms of dynamics and booking, it is inferior to other Soviet classmates, and therefore has lost its popularity in the random.

Following the “nine”, the top of the branches of medium tanks in France AMX 30 B… Frankly weak in the current randomness. He has a high PDA, but it is difficult to implement it. It is necessary to use good dynamics and high visibility, go to the enemy from the sides or behind the lines, then there are more chances to benefit the team. The developers already have ready-made notes for his up, so most likely he will receive improvements, but after the release of the New balance.

And the heavy tank from the Chinese branch ends our list. 113… Now it is played and even bends mainly on gold shells, because the base one has too low penetration. If in this regard it looks like a neighbor on the WZ-111 5A branch, then in terms of booking and alpha it is inferior to it. Moreover, 113 there are many vulnerable zones, worse UVN and less successful arrangement of modules, so now it is pumped out much less often. Clearly in need of increased survivability.

Write in the comments, what equipment do you plan to buy?


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