• May 19, 2024

what weapon we were shown in the trailer

At the Xbox Games Showcase 2020, we were able to find out not only the release date of Halo Infinite, the next chapter of the Master Chief’s adventures, but also to get acquainted with a certain part of the arsenal of the new game from 343 Industries. During the gameplay demonstration, both classic guns for the series and completely new weapons were lit up.

Obviously, it’s too early to say which weapon in Halo Infinite is the best, what alternative fire modes will be available on release and how fire / plasma fire generally feels in the hands compared to previous games in the franchise, nevertheless, for veterans or simply fans of Halo are familiar with many of the guns shown: they already know what and how it works. Plus, do not forget that this time the antagonists are some “Exiles”, the weapons of which, most likely, we will also be able to test.

In addition to new weapons, in the Halo Infinite gameplay trailer, we got a look at some of the Master Chief’s new gadgets, such as the grappling hook and the wall-shaped energy shield.

Halo Infinite Gameplay Trailer Weapons:

  • MA3 / 5
  • Plasma gun
  • MK50 “Sidekick”
  • VK78 “Commando”
  • Ravager
  • Impulse carabiner
  • Mangler
  • CQS48 “Bulldog”

MA3 / MA5

The MA series assault rifle is the iconic weapon for the Halo series. This weapon has relatively good accuracy (if you shoot in short bursts), a high rate of fire and a large magazine for 36 rounds.

Plasma gun

An extremely common weapon in the Halo universe. Newbies get rid of the plasma pistol almost immediately, but veterans of the series are well aware of how deadly this weapon can be in the hands of a master.

MK50 “Sidekick”

A standard semi-automatic pistol with a 12-round magazine. At the moment it is not yet entirely clear how useful this pistol will be, but I would like something on the level of the Magnum from the original Halo CE or at least Halo Reach.

VK78 “Commando”

The VK78 “Commando” is a new cannon for the Halo series. Rifle from UNSC with a 20-round magazine, from which you can shoot both single and automatic. There is a convenient collimator sight – excellent optics for conducting combat at medium distances.


The next weapon in the trailer belongs to one of the miniboss of the Exiles faction. The Destroyer fires a burst of three energy balls. Obviously deals a huge amount of damage, but often overheats. An extremely dangerous thing in close combat, and all because of the attached bayonet-knife.

Impulse carbine

The Pulse Carbine is actually a new gun, but in fact it is more of a variation on the good old Type-51 Carbine that is ubiquitous in previous Halo titles.


Awesome name. Another weapon of the Exiles. Functions like a heavy pistol or revolver. The rate of fire is slow, but does a lot of damage.

CQS48 “Bulldog”

The pump-action shotgun with a drum magazine is a damn scary weapon that UNSC seems to be responsible for producing. In fact, the same shotgun as in the previous installments, but with only a few useful improvements.

Cat hook

Not every Halo fan might like this, but considering that Halo Infinite is an open-world game, including a grappling hook in gameplay isn’t such a bad idea. The cat hook will help you not only to overcome obstacles, but also to deftly maneuver on the battlefield, as well as to attract yourself to opponents or to attract various objects, for example, exploding barrels.

Wall Energy Shield

We saw something similar in the previous parts of the series, but this time the energy shield takes the form of a wall, through which, by the way, the Master Chief can safely shoot.

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