• May 26, 2022

What’s wrong with GTA 5? The opinion of a real criminal

GTA 5 is considered one of the best underworld games. However, is it really that good? We share the opinion of Larry Lawton, the real robber.


Larry Lawton is a criminal who robbed jewelry stores in the United States. Now he has long embarked on the path of correction and leads an active media life. He tells the general public about what crime leads to, and warns young people against this slippery slope.

This year, Larry was shown a scene from GTA 5 in which the team is about to rob a jewelry store. The former criminal immediately found many inconsistencies with real life, quite gross. Let’s take a closer look at each of them and get 10 developer tips from a real robber.

Cars and driving

GTA 5 Cars and driving

The game does not prevent gamers from dashing and getting from point to point very quickly. In fact, this is a gross violation. Real criminals always drive quietly, because otherwise they risk getting the attention of the police beforehand. This rule applies not only to the way to the crime scene, but also to the method of escape. You need to leave for a safe place quickly, but not a reckless driver, so as not to draw additional attention to yourself.

Tip # 1: If the game made the heroes drive more carefully at such moments, then the scene would look much more realistic.

There is also a problem in choosing a vehicle. The player can come to the case in a tuned expensive car. These cars are extremely noticeable, eyewitnesses will easily remember them. Such transport will be difficult to hide.

Tip # 2: The game should “punish” players for too noticeable cars, or simply not give them the opportunity to use them in order to maintain the desired level of realism.

In addition, it is extremely imprudent to go to business in your own car. GTA heroes do this a lot. Since the car is registered in their name, it will be extremely easy to track it. The police will have all the information about the owner.

Tip # 3: For realism, the game should push you to choose a rented car for the case, or bought with fake documents.


GTA 5 prints

When Michael examines a future crime scene and possible escape routes he does not wear gloves. The character jumps on roofs, uses stairs, touches door handles – and leaves his fingerprints everywhere. The police will definitely find these tracks no one will go unpunished. However, the heroes of the game come out dry, and this is extremely unrealistic.

Tip # 4: Characters must use gloves not only in practice, but in front of him. Only there they could protect themselves.

Team gathering

GTA 5 team gathering

The team for the robbery is chosen by Michael, like a commodity in a supermarket. He discusses their “professional” qualities, while he knows practically nothing about them as individuals. This is totally wrong. Most often, friends go to work, those who know each other from childhood. Otherwise there will be no trust between group members, and this is one of the key factors for a successful operation.

Tip # 5: The game should show that the group members are familiar to the main characters. It is best for them to be longtime friends or comrades, growing up in the same area.


GTA 5 preparation

At the scene of the crime, Michael makes many mistakes at once. He communicates with the staff (thus they have a chance to recognize him during the crime) and very noticeably takes photographs (and shooting in jewelry stores is most often officially prohibited). Because of this, the whole scene looks awkward and unrealistic. Besides, it leads to almost nothing as a result. The hero does not receive the information he needs.

Tip # 6: In a robbery, preparation is one of the most important stages. It should take longer and be more thoughtful. Otherwise, the whole scene turns into a farce.


GTA 5 dialogues

Conversations between Michael and his newly recruited team are highly unrealistic. They talk about nothing, say some vows, explain the plan to them on the go. Such an unprofessional approach can only ruin the matter. The group must meet several times, discuss the plan in detail so that they do not have to communicate with each other on the spot and correct it on the go.

Tip # 7: The developers should have paid more attention to dialogues. Now they are more like communication of amateur amateurs. There would be nothing wrong with that if the police immediately caught such intruders, but this is not happening. For this reason, realism suffers again.


GTA 5 haste

All the way before, during and after the robbery, the heroes rush. In fact, this is extremely unlikely. Everything should be planned gradually, sometimes for months. In addition, after getting to the scene of the crime, the thieves know exactly how long the police will have to drive here. Therefore, they do not need to fuss – they calmly take what they came for and leave. Haste can only ruin everything, because without control of the situation, many mistakes can be made.

Tip # 8: The scenes must remain dynamic, but at the same time not so chaotic. The whole atmosphere of robbery is lost because of this.


GTA 5 alarm

In GTA 5, alarms almost never go off correctly. For some reason, the signaling is turned off on the jewelry showcases. In addition, employees always have a panic button in their pockets. Some of these precautions should have worked despite the fact that there was a hacker on the team.

Tip # 9: Developers don’t need to be afraid of alarms. They almost always work, and the robbers know this. Either they are better at preparation, they find loopholes in the security system, or they work quickly and roughly.

There is almost no production

GTA 5 loot

The loot collection animation is very messy and unrealistic. The robbers break the windows at random, while taking literally a couple of items from each one. In fact, collecting prey can even take 10-15 minutes, and this is the longest and most difficult part of the operation. If the GTA heist happened in the real world, criminals would never hit a big jackpot.

Tip # 10: Collecting loot cannot be left out of the narrative. The player must understand why the character is risking, why he stepped on this path. Otherwise, the whole scene loses its meaning.

What did Larry compliment?

Larry Lawton

However, not everything in GTA 5 is that bad. Larry Lawton praised the way the escape scene was planned and staged. Of course, the characters drove along the track very quickly, which is rather unrealistic, but their method of getting rid of the “tail” looked just fine. The criminals also didn’t forget to hide their vehicle, which is pretty realistic too.

What conclusion can be drawn from the current situation? GTA 5 is far from ideal when it comes to building robbery scenes, and that’s bad. This nuance negatively affects not only the atmosphere of the game, but also the perception of the players. Gamers may mistakenly think that it is easy to commit crimes and they can go unpunished. In fact, even a small robbery is planned for months, and as a result, the criminals are still caught and punished. Larry Lawton warns – do not tread the path of crime if you do not want to go to prison for years to come.

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