• June 18, 2024

When will the old technique get up? Developers response

IS-4, E100, T62-A and many others are outdated long ago and look frankly weak against the background of new technology.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have on the agenda the problems of old technology and the question that worries many veterans who pumped it out a long time ago – when will the AP be?

For example, developers cut the IS-4 back in 2015, making it an order of magnitude weaker. First, it was transferred to level 10, then the model was changed (at the same time, the slope of the VFD was reduced), and then it was transferred to HD quality. He allegedly has excellent circular armor, but in fact there are many vulnerable zones in the frontal projection, which negate the role played in battle. Players have long been asking him to “patch the holes.” At one time, the developers gave the hope that it would be replaced by a two-gun CT-I 02, but the game balance department decided to stake on the creation of a separate back-up for tanks with twin guns.

A similar situation is with the E-100, which any experienced player can now punch in the turret’s forehead. Yes, you can trust her, but then he won’t be able to shoot either. At the same time, we received the Polish top 60TP Lewandowskiego, which finished its history at the stage of the layout drawing, but combines all the best from the IS-4 and E-100.

Apnut “Sotku” or will they also introduce another branch of two-gun tanks?

T-62A, against the background of other Soviet STs, was completely lost: Ob. 430U is now imbued in random, Ob. 140 is also not bad, K-91 also has its own interesting features. And so you can go on for a long time, each of us used to have favorites among the old technology.

Regarding the apa technology, the developers, referring to their plans in 2020, replied that now it is not up to it. First of all, it is important to set up a new Balance:

  • increasing the damage of basic shells;
  • increased strength;
  • determining the role of projectiles;
  • rebalancing of land mines;
  • processing of LBZ, economics and statistics;
  • rebalancing ACS.

The developers are now focused on implementing the above changes and related aspects. Due to such global changes in established mechanics, it is not advisable to engage in changes in technology, until innovations appear. According to the developers, such balance edits will allow some technique to sparkle with new colors.

After the introduction of the New Balance to the main server (approximately April-May, if there are no delays), then the developers will see how the machines will feel in randomness. They will collect statistics and only then, if, in their opinion, some tank needs changes in performance characteristics, then they will work in this direction. So that in the near future, do not expect an apa of old tanks… Personally, I sold the IS-4 and T62A for the period of the “Black Market”, I still haven’t bought them back (and somehow I don’t really miss it).

From the good news, so far, the IS-2E Supertest is a premium tank, which will be a reward for this historic PvE event this year.

Old technique

Do you keep old equipment in the Hangar in the hope that it will get up? You 2 vote

Dusting in the Hangar



I’m not expecting anything and I am downloading new equipment



Also sold for the period



Sold but bought back



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