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Where are all the graffiti in Need for Speed ​​Heat?

Always the focus of any part of Need for Speed ​​is racing on high-speed cars. However, in NFS Heat it is sometimes useful to look around. Street art is scattered around. The special graffiti, when examined, allows you to add a new element of customization to the vehicle. Thus, you can significantly expand the list of available drawings and stand out from competitors.

How do you find street art? Here’s a small guide to keeping track of all the graffiti in different parts of the city. Some of them are hidden and require a careful look around, but the time spent will more than pay off during the redesign of the car. A quick guide to finding art is provided below.

Graffiti at Sandino Ranch

There are 8 pieces of art in this location:

  • Art no. 1: head from the back of Bontana.
  • Art # 2: you need to find a couple of shipping containers, the image is from the side of the forklift.
  • Art # 3: Travel southwest of the Sandino Rancho home in search of a small hut. To her left is art.
  • Art # 4: Worth checking out the Fairview Orange Fields gift shop near the hideout. Not far from its back are the painted garage doors.
  • Art # 5: Find a steep slope near a windmill. There is a trailer next to it, and it has a drawing.
  • Art # 6: Find a red barn located near a large bunker. Art is located on one of the walls of the barn.
  • Art # 7: Go northwest of the safe house and find a red spot with a couple of wrecked cars. The art object is located nearby with white containers.
  • Art # 8: discover and visit the radio tower. Art is located behind the gray building.

Graffiti at Bayview Park

Location of 8 arts:

  • Art # 1: Go northeast looking for billboards and flamingos. Nearby is a white structure adorned with a pair of palm trees. Art is drawn on the side of it.
  • Art # 2: also in the northeastern region, there is a marina with yachts. Opposite them is a white wall with a pattern.
  • Art # 3: Go to the center of Bayview Park, in the middle of which you need to find a flamingo and a billboard. Find a nearby beige building with a garage door that has art on it.
  • Art # 4: Travel to the eastern area of ​​the city. Next to the water and the overpass is a white building with art on the side wall.
  • Art # 5: Walk east to the Bayview home looking for a blue apartment building with a pattern on the side.
  • Art # 6: Visit the Southwest part of the park, walking in the direction of the Purple Spray. There is a beige building with art nearby.
  • Art # 7: Walk the northeastern part of the area until you reach the beach. There will be a drawing on a large white building, it is directed towards the beach.
  • Art # 8: Drive to the bridge at the north end of the quadrant and turn slightly northeast. Graphite is located on the opposite side of the bridge.

Port Murphy art

Where the drawings are scattered:

  • Grafiti number 1: you need to go to the south side of the territory in the direction of the shipyard. Get to the ramp and take off into the air, this will allow you to land on the cargo containers. Get to the second springboard and jump off, continuing to the second container warehouse. In the upper area is the picture.
  • Graffiti # 2: Find a couple of large cranes in the southwest of the region. The attention should be drawn to a white institution with a wire fence. On it is the drawing.
  • Graffiti # 3: Travel to the northern area of ​​the city. While driving, you need to pay attention to the western part of the streets in search of a billboard. On a nearby white building is art.
  • Graffiti # 4: Look around in the center of the quadrant, slightly to the south. After passing the trees, a view of a couple of warehouses opens up. The graffiti is located on the red cauldron.
  • Graffiti # 5: It is worth going north to the port where the ships are being built. The small building is white and painted with art.
  • Graffiti # 6: The southern area of ​​the region with a couple of containers from trucks is worth exploring. On one of the nearby buildings, the required art.
  • Graffiti # 7: now the player is interested in the southeast of the area, almost at the border. There are a couple of fenced white buildings nearby. We need the smallest of them.
  • Graffiti # 8: Find a couple of black bunkers. Interested in a small side street next to where art is located.

Fairview Fields Art

Art locations:

  • Drawing # 1: Go to the black bunker to find the red barn. At the back of this building is art.
  • Drawing No. 2: go to the center of the area and reveal 2 billboards, between which there is a parking lot. Smiling emoji is street art.
  • Drawing No. 3: Go north from the center in search of a homestead with a small plot nearby. There is graffiti on the side.
  • Figure # 4: Visit the far eastern section of the region. There is a base in the place where the road rises slightly above the ground. The next stop is next to the overpass.
  • Figure 5: In the southeast, near the border, there are railway tracks. Art can be found as you drive through the nearby tunnel.
  • Figure # 6: To the southwest is a row of beige buildings enclosed by an electrical grid. There is graffiti between the structures.
  • Figure 7: go to the Outrun gas station, which is in the southeast. The gas station is the owner of the art.
  • Picture # 8: Nearby with the Speed ​​Hunters billboard, there is a Jewel beauty salon. The last art is on his side.

Art in the Keys of Mendoza

Location of graffiti:

  • Art number 1: from the center you need to head east, next to the water there is a blue apartment building with a work of art.
  • Art number 2: get to the southern highway and find the unfinished road. There is a collectible not far from the exit.
  • Art # 3: go east in search of a small hut made of wood near the water. The “What the Buck” sign should attract attention. There is a drawing on the front doors.
  • Art # 4: Go to the eastern part of the region until you find a large building near the main road. The smallest building with a gate is painted with graffiti.
  • Art # 5: Go to the bridge and inspect the small container. The drawing is located on the front of it.
  • Art # 6: Walk a little down the bridge looking for construction equipment and a fenced yellow island. There is graffiti on the construction equipment.
  • Art No. 7: in the western part of the city there is a residential complex with a gate (not far from the water). Street art nearby.
  • Art # 8: Find the intersection in the western part of the city. During the inspection of the gray-blue building, you will be able to find the desired drawing.

Art at Eden Shores

Collectible street art is located:

  • Graffiti # 1: Go East and inspect the north side of the billboard. There are 2 buildings in white and blue, between which there is an art.
  • Graffiti number 2: you need to go southwest in search of a bridge, near which you can find a domed structure. There is a drawing on the side of it.
  • Graffiti # 3: From the center, head north in search of a couple of buildings. You need to find a concrete wall, painted with art.
  • Graffiti # 4: There is a dock with a wall in the city center. His art is hidden behind the bushes.
  • Grafiti # 5: Get to the southeastern region of the city. There are a couple of umbrellas on the beach and a round building with art next to it.
  • Graffiti # 6: In the south you need to find a flamingo and a banner ad. The nearest gray wall contains art.
  • Grafiti # 7: Travel northwest and find a bridge connecting the region to the western area of ​​the other quadrant. An observation tower decorated with graffiti stands nearby.
  • Graffiti # 8: Worth going south. Having found a large building of blue color, you need to go around and find art.

Street art on the Palm City race track

Location of graffiti:

  • Art # 1: Go East and discover 2 billboards. Nearby there are a couple of simple buildings, between which there is an art.
  • Art # 2: heading north from the previous location, the player will run into a billboard and an abandoned graffiti racetrack.
  • Art # 3: There is a Speed ​​Hunters Showdown billboard on the southeast side of the area. The drawing is on the nearby building.
  • Art # 4: Discover a garage at the Palm City Race Track and explore art.
  • Art # 5: Continue northwest. The structure with tiles and columns in front contains a drawing.
  • Art # 6: Drive East past the Palm City Raceway dealership and parts store. The player is interested in a building named RS Princess and Jewelry. Their gates contain a work of art.
  • Art # 7: To the southeast of the previous site, there is a small white building also decorated with graffiti.
  • Art # 8: Walk east of the parts store and take a look at the edge of the racetrack. The green doorway contains street art.

Graffiti in downtown Palm City

The arts are located:

  • Figure # 1: First visit a gas station in the heart of the Palm City region. There is a picture on a large building nearby.
  • Drawing # 2: Go northeast and find a moored yacht. She has art on her side.
  • Drawing # 3: Travel northeast from a safe place. You need to find a couple of small buildings painted white. One of them has graffiti.
  • Drawing # 4: There is a white building in the southeast near the border, which stands out from the others with a pair of red bushes and an image on the side.
  • Figure 5: go east from the central gas station. There is a piece of art on top of a beige building.
  • Drawing number 6: you need to go to the southwest and find a billboard, next to it is a building with graffiti.
  • Figure # 7: Find the spray can icon on the map with the “Palm” entry. Head here and find a building next to the highway. It is painted with art on the side.
  • Drawing # 8: Explore the building in the city center with an S-shaped statue. It’s hard not to see him. There is graffiti behind the statue.

These are all the arts we found in Need for Speed ​​Heat. Studying them will reveal dozens of new stickers and decorative elements for cars.

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