• February 20, 2024

where to find and how to unlock hidden weapons?

There are a total of 7 hidden weapons in Devil May Cry 5 that are hidden in Red Grave City. The peculiarity of this weapon is that it can only be unlocked at certain points in the game. If you skip the necessary part, you will not be able to open the best equipment in the future. But after opening the weapon, the character will begin to receive significant bonuses in battles.

The main task of the player is not to miss the right moment and unlock the first secret weapon. It is enough to open only one weapon, all subsequent ones will automatically become available after completing subsequent missions.

Kalina Ann

How to block Kalina Ann? – Complete 11 Secret Missions.

After the end of the task, the hero finds himself in ruins, where he has to break a couple of bags of blood to the left of the character. Then you should go to the ramp located on the right. After turning the character, platforms will be visible, you should walk along them. Platforms will lead to the top floor. By slightly tilting the camera, a new passage can be seen below. After turning into the first door on the left side, you can see Kalina Ann, which is marked with an exclamation mark.


Complete 11 secret level.

Devil Sword Dante

You need to complete the 12th hidden level of Yamato.

Dr. Faust

We’ll have to complete mission # 13 – Three Warriors (Dante).

King Cerberus

You need to complete task number 16 for the weapon to appear.

Kalina Ann II

You have to start mission # 18, the weapon will appear automatically.

Double Kalina Ann

The weapon can only be found after unlocking both Kalina Ann models. If task number 11 is missed, you will not be able to open this equipment.

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