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Where to get silver (silver ore) in Subnautica?

Silver is one of the most valuable resources to deal with at Subnautica. It will be needed in large quantities to make wiring kits, high capacity oxygen cylinders, ion batteries and medical kits.

Unfortunately, silver veins are very rare, so this resource will have to be obtained from other sources, especially in the early stages of the game. However, in order not to swim aimlessly in search of the necessary material, let’s figure out where else you can find silver.

Finding Silver in Subnautica: The Basics

Sandstone is one of the sources of silver ore. When you break it, there is a 50% chance to get silver, gold or lead. This is the first and easiest way available from the very beginning of the game.

The sandstone looks like this:

Where to find silver in Subnautica

This resource can be found in various biomes, including near the escape pod. In particular, there is a lot of it in the regions: Grass Plateau, Algae Forest, Dunes and Mushroom Forest.

Where to find silver in Subnautica

The first biome is the safest place. Sharks swim there from time to time, but otherwise everything is calm. It is worth noting that there is no map in the game itself, so it is sometimes difficult to track your location. There is a small exploit for this. Opening the console with the “F1” key, among other information, you can see the name of the biome in which the character is located.

Another good source of silver ore is the shells on the back of the Rifospin leviathan. This is the first of the giant creatures that the player will face. Unlike other types of leviathans, it is absolutely safe. However, tiger algae can grow on it, which shoot out with thorns. Be careful.

Where to find silver in Subnautica

Creating a scan room

Finding seashells is not as efficient as mining sandstone. The probability of finding silver in them is only 10%. Therefore, you still need to focus your attention on sandstone. For an easier search for deposits of this resource, it is recommended to create a scan room that will pinpoint its location.

To get the blueprint for the scanning room, you need to find three fragments. Fortunately, they are all found in the Herbaceous Plateau. Just search the biome for debris. After the drawing is received, you need to collect the following materials:

  • 5 Titanium Ore;
  • 2 Copper Ores;
  • 1 Gold;
  • 1 Sample of a tabletop coral.

After creating the scan room, one more thing is needed – the HUD chip. To make it you will need:

  • 1 Magnetite;
  • 1 Computer chip.

Magnetite can be found in one of the caves to the west of the escape pod, about 500 meters away. This is a rather dangerous place in which various predators and leviathans live. Be sure to save before heading to this area.

Where to find silver in Subnautica

To create a HUD chip for a scan room, you need to put the assembled components into a fabricator. Here you can also make additional improvements for the Scanner Room – a drone camera and increase the scanning range.

Where to find silver in Subnautica

Once the chip is developed, you can start scanning the surrounding area for pieces of sandstone. Before starting, make sure the HUD is in your inventory. Go to the console (inside the scanner room) and select the target material to search for.

Wait a few minutes, after which information about the location of the resource will begin to flow. The advantage of this method is not only saving time for searching, but also the fact that in addition to sandstone, the scanner can be adjusted to any other material.

Note that the scan range is initially 300 meters. Later, the range can be increased to 500. This is done using four enhancement modules. To create them, you will need the following materials (for each module):

  • 1 Copper;
  • 1 Magnetite.

At the same time, a drone camera can be used for reconnaissance of the territory. This will allow you to detect a potential threat before directly sending for sandstone. Please note that the drone can only be controlled from the scanner room.

Where to find silver in Subnautica

So, with the methods mentioned above, it will be easiest to find Silver Ore in Subnautica. With further development, new options for the extraction of resources in large quantities will appear in the game. Share in the comments what methods and tricks you use to find the materials you need.

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