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Which Skyrim character suits you according to your zodiac sign?

Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is populated with all manner of NPCs. Each of them has its own unique character and background. Therefore, for every sign of the zodiac, there is a significant storyline NPC with whom every lion, fish, or ram will find similarities.

Which Skyrim character suits you according to your zodiac sign?

Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac describes a vibrant personality, defined by different character traits and clear motivation. These features are most clearly manifested in extreme situations: For example, in a harsh snowy landscape, where a dragon is easier to meet than a deer. Although the constellations of the zodiac do not exist in Skyrim, some NPCs exhibit the same traits that people see in every sign from Aries to Pisces.

Of course, most of the characters in the game are simple, static, and reduced to three lines of simple dialogue. However, others, on the contrary, are detailed and complex, especially those who lead the main story of Dovahkiin forward. So, what heroes will become the personification of each of the 12 zodiac signs in the world of Skyrim?

Aries: Eila the HuntressWhich character are you from Skyrim based on your zodiac sign?

With a free spirit and quick temper, Eila shows Aries traits at every step. Strong and explosive, she rushes into battle without hesitation. However, her companions and companions sometimes encourage her to think before jumping. For example, in the situation with the terrible death of Skjor.

Aries has endless energy, as seen in Eila when the player asks for her thoughts on the afterlife. Between the Nordic paradise of Sovngarde and the endless hunt of werewolves, she does not hesitate to choose the latter, wishing forever hunt with his patron Hircine.

Taurus: KarliahWhich character are you from Skyrim based on your zodiac sign?

Taurus appreciate the beautiful things in life and collect everything from small trinkets to countless treasures. Karliah, a skillful thief, falls under this sign, the hunter for wealth.

Persistence, tenacity and the ability to harbor grudges are the main hallmarks of Taurus in the history of Karliah. Patient but unforgiving, she waits for the right moment to take revenge on the person who betrayed her. In addition, as a devoted assistant to Nocturnal, Karliah never wavered in her values ​​and beliefs, demonstrating the classic faith and devotion of Taurus.

Gemini: BrignolfWhich Skyrim character suits you according to your zodiac sign?

Smart, frivolous and cheerful Brinjolf perfectly embodies the spirit of Gemini. Although Mercer Frey leads the Thieves Guild, it is Brinjolf who attracts new members. He is witty and sociable, joking even in terrible moments. However, his cheerful appearance takes on a somber hue when he faces enemies.

Adaptable, he follows the adventurer, be it the embrace of Nocturnal or the Falmer ruins… Despite the fact that his spontaneity makes him a complex personality, along with his defiant antics, it is never boring.

Cancer: MaramalWhich Skyrim character suits you according to your zodiac sign?

In the unforgiving Skyrim, it is difficult to find truly kind and caring people. And only temple priests devote their lives to serving others. As a minister in the Temple of Mary in Riften, Maramal marries and tries to help people in the name of the Deities.

Often, crayfish are caring protectors, like the goddess Maramal serves. Although sometimes they have hidden grievances and outdated views. Maramal demonstrates this in an unsolicited sermon in the middle of a tavern.

Leo: Panthea AteyaWhich Skyrim character suits you according to your zodiac sign?

Few people can flaunt the spirit of the Lion as well as the Master Bard. The best vocalist of the Bard College, Panthea, is well aware of his talents andlikes to be in the spotlight.

Despite her arrogance, Panthea genuinely loves her craft, noting how much she enjoys singing at weddings and at the Blue Palace. Like any Leo, she proud of his talent and the admiration she gets is just a welcome bonus.

Virgo: SeranaWhich Skyrim character suits you according to your zodiac sign?

Virgos are often cautious and may seem cold, they just do not open their hearts to the first comer. When Serana first meets the Dragonborn, he has to go through an entire quest chain to gain her trust. However, when he does, she becomes his loyal friend and reliable ally.

Serena adheres to the incredibly high personal standards that characterize the classic Virgo. She thinks deeply and solves problems resourcefully.… Because of their honesty and loyalty, Virgos are often loved by those around them, and Serana remains a favorite of Skyrim fans around the world to this day.

Libra: Balgruf the GreatWhich Skyrim character suits you according to your zodiac sign?

Fair and diplomatic, Libra strives maintain peace and balanceand Jarl Balgruf does just that for his people. He tries to stay out of the civil war conflict, claiming that he is “on the side of Whiterun.”

Some consider Balgruf’s neutrality to be a symbol of Libra’s weakness and indecision. As with people who always try to please, the desire of a given zodiac sign to make everyone happy leads to certain hesitations. But in the end, Balgruf wants him to subjects lived in safety and peace– like any Libra, they want this for their dear people.

Scorpio: AstridWhich Skyrim character suits you according to your zodiac sign?

Is there a more dangerous and mysterious person in the world than the head of the assassins guild? With her intellect, smooth voice and dedication to work, Astrid’s personality and demeanor stand out. common character traits of all Scorpios. Completely devoted to the dark brotherhood and all its members, her main concern is to preserve what she has built. At the same time, leave all the secrets of the Assassins guild safe even at the cost of your own life.

Astrid reacts sharply to alleged threats or betrayal. Cicero’s demeanor and the Dragonborn’s new status as a Listener highlight this Scorpio trait, displaying the character’s possessive and jealous side.

Sagittarius: Lioness MjollWhich Skyrim character suits you according to your zodiac sign?

Swift and adventurous archers love to explore… Mjol has traveled all over Tamriel in search of thrills and chasing monsters. She ransacked the dwarven ruins (where she lost her sword) and hunted the rock racers in Morrowind. Her goal is to see and do as much as possible in her life.

Mjoll is outraged by crime and injustice, and she does not hesitate to say so. Honest and frank, this heroine doesn’t care if her opinion gets her into trouble. She welcomes challenges and, like any Sagittarius, is ready to stand up for the disadvantaged.

Capricorn: Ulfric PetrelWhich Skyrim character suits you according to your zodiac sign?

Capricorns ambitious, responsible, and are often very serious in nature. Ulfric’s restrained and unreadable face, even as he spearheads the rebellion, fits this description flawlessly. Like other people under the sign of Capricorn, he is smart and calculating, often planning several moves ahead.

Ulfric’s adherence to the ancient customs and values ​​of Skyrim indicates Capricorn’s closeness to traditionalism… He focuses on concrete achievements while working towards his ideals. However, in an effort to push his plans forward, he lacks patience.

Aquarius: NelothWhich Skyrim character suits you according to your zodiac sign?

Eccentric, intellectual and aloof – these are Neloth’s traits that go well with those of Aquarius. Despite the fact that Nelote looks antisocial, he enjoys associating with those who, in his opinion, match his intellect. He is respected in spite of his arrogance, as his students and staff constantly show admiration and dedication to him.

As seers and thinkers, Aquarians love to explore new ideas. Neloth constantly seeks to push the boundaries of magical limitations. For example, he is experimenting with the properties of the Heart Stones, despite the potential risks.

Pisces: Kodlak White ManeWhich Skyrim character suits you according to your zodiac sign?

The werewolf warrior is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of this sensitive zodiac sign with an artistic inclination, however Kodlak’s wise and brooding nature personifies Pisces literally. Despite his military background, he does not tolerate unnecessary violence. His wisdom is renowned and respected throughout, he instills faith and devotion in fellow companions.

Kodlak’s prophetic dreams demonstrate his heightened perception ability – another common feature of all Pisces. He very spiritual personas his deepest desire is to go to Sovnagard.

The history of astrology began more than 40 thousand years ago, when people first began to follow the movement of the sun and apply the simplest counting skills. Believing in the formation of a person’s character depending on his birth under a certain sign is already everyone’s business. Write in the comments which character suits you according to your zodiac sign and if there are similarities between his character and yours.

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