• May 19, 2024

Who called from the phone number +78001000702?

Bulk calls from the number +78001000702 can be very annoying, as they can come several times. If you pick up the phone, you will most likely hear a melody in response. This is not a robot and no one introduces himself. So who owns this phone number and why are they calling from it? Now let’s figure it out.

Whose phone number is +78001000702?

The number is registered for SOGAZ-Med. This is an insurance company that offers services for issuing medical insurance policies. They also have relevant medical services.

Why are they calling from +78001000702?

After the music ends, the operator connects. From the reviews it is clear that the purpose of the calls, in most cases, is one – to invite for vaccination. They inform people about this possibility and, if desired, can make an appointment.

If you also received a call from +78001000702 from other companies or for other reasons, please describe it in the comments.

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