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who called, whose organization and what to do if they offer a loan

If the reader asks the question, 88005551534 – what kind of organization from which calls have been received repeatedly, then this article will be useful for him. It is a well-known company that does aggressive marketing. Calls often come from 88005551534 early or late. At the same time, the challenges can be multiple, persistent. The organization deliberately calls citizens from different regions of Russia to impose services on favorable terms. Looking ahead, this is a financial structure. Now, in order, you should answer the questions: 88005551534 who, what for the bank and what they want.

88005551534 – what is this number and organization?

So, the number 88005551534 belongs to Tinkoff Bank. The call is made by the operator of the call center of this bank. It is impossible to establish where they are physically calling from the phone number 88005551534, as the location may change. It is often practiced to connect to the number even from other countries. However, it is more important whose number is 88005551534, rather than where they called from.

Why do they keep calling?

Having found out whose phone number is 88005551534, the next question arises – why are they doing this? The answer is simple: the company is trying to develop its customer base. At times, their persistence and aggressive marketing is overwhelming. People often complain that they are being woken up with their calls or being called many times.

The owner of the number 88005551534 is forced to go for such tricks, because Tinkoff is an online bank. Due to the unconventional approach, it is treated with caution. Developing a customer base is increasingly difficult, so you have to make compromises with your conscience by making annoying calls.

The one who owns the number 88005551534 will most likely offer the subscriber to issue a card. After all, lending is the main source of income for almost all financial institutions. An employee of Tinkoff Bank from 88005551534 will try to persuade a person to apply for a loan. This organization has a large capitalization, and the number of clients is much lower than their capabilities, so loans are issued to almost everyone.

Phone fraud

Knowing whose phone number is 88005551534, scammers began to use his trust level for various manipulations. They cannot directly call from this number, but use it indirectly.

Most often, the following system operates:

  1. Fraudsters call from a number similar to 88005551534 and introduce themselves as employees of a well-known bank.
  2. They talk about the advantages of a loan, a card, the possibilities to win some amount, and so on. The offers can be very diverse.
  3. The main stage – they inform that they need a code that will come from the number 88005551534 “Tinkoff”. Although the original number of the caller is slightly different.
  4. If a person passes the code, then a certain amount of money is withdrawn from his card.

How to recognize a fraudster if he introduced himself as an employee?

What to do if scammers offer a loan from 88005551534 or a similar number? There are several key aspects to be vigilant about. Regardless of the level of training of the fraudster, he will still behave somewhat differently than a real bank employee.

Tinkoff Bank

Tinkoff Bank

To find out who called on the number 88005551534, you should perform several actions:

  1. Find out the card number from the interlocutor with 88005551534. If it was previously registered in the Tinkoff system, then the employee has access to it and can say its number. At least not completely, but the last 4-6 digits.
  2. Ask the caller from 88005551534 which region of residence of the holder. Again, the place of residence is indicated in the personal data, so it will not be difficult to say the region.

These answers are enough to determine who is talking to the person. Scammers have no access to this data. To further verify the reality of the employee, you can ask the operator’s name and surname, and then dial the hotline yourself and ask to connect with him.

Raiffeisen Bank

Raiffeisen Bank

Sometimes operators 88005551534 are confused about which bank they represent. This clearly indicates fraud. Therefore, you can additionally ask the same questions as described in the previous paragraph.

Unwanted calls

If there is no desire and need to use the services of Tinkoff, and they are constantly imposed, then calls from the bank can be called undesirable. The best way out is to block the number, after which annoying calls will stop.

How to block this number?

To block any phone number, you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Go to the “Calls” section on the phone. Touch and hold your finger on the desired number, then select “Block”.
  2. Log in to the website of the mobile operator. Go to the “Black List”, then add an unwanted subscriber there.

Similar phone numbers

Among similar numbers:

  • 88005551477;
  • 88005551484;
  • 88005551494;
  • 88005551506;
  • 88005551529;
  • 88005551532;
  • 88005551535;
  • 88005551554;
  • 88005551568;
  • 88005551578;
  • 88005551585;
  • 88005551593.


In 99% of cases, Tinkoff Bank operators call from 88005551534. If you pick up the phone, they will start talking about the merits of a credit card, offering to issue it. Their conditions are really acceptable, so you can order a card. If there is no desire to get involved with loans or the bank itself, then it is worth adding the number to the “Black List”. Thus, it will be possible to get rid of annoying calls at night or at 7-8 o’clock in the morning.

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